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Active Meditations:


  • thumbnail image for Complacency

    Duration: 13 minutes, 20 seconds


    In this active mediation we will focus on lizard lunge and the concept of complacency. You may want to grab a pillow... More

  • thumbnail image for Patience

    Duration: 9 minutes, 38 seconds


    In this active mediation we will work on happy baby pose while we meditate on patience. This pose can be quite inten... More

  • thumbnail image for Release

    Duration: 10 minutes, 7 seconds


    Today we are going to be working on legs up the wall while we meditate on release. All you need for this video is a ... More

  • thumbnail image for Identity

    Duration: 9 minutes, 6 seconds


    In this class we will be working on the inner thighs and hamstrings with a deep straddle while we meditate on what ou... More

  • thumbnail image for Surrender

    Duration: 10 minutes, 40 seconds


    We will be opening hips with double pigeon today while we focus on what it truly means to surrender. For this class y... More

  • thumbnail image for Service

    Duration: 9 minutes, 55 seconds


    This class's active meditation is about service while focusing on the posture Hero's Pose. You may modify by using b... More

  • thumbnail image for Change

    Duration: 15 minutes, 4 seconds


    Change can be hard but in order to move forward in life, it's essential. If you find yourself nervous or scared of ma... More

  • thumbnail image for The Heart

    Duration: 10 minutes, 36 seconds

    The Heart

    This is an active meditation that focuses on the heart and shoulders. It's a healing meditation that's designed to cr... More

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