Chakras 101

In these times of uncertainty with all there is going on in the world we are finding ourselves more stressed than ever before. It’s important not to lose sight of the importance of taking care of yourself to ensure that you remain healthy and balanced through mind, body, and soul. Nourishing the spiritual body is as important as feeding the physical body and vice versa.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”. Picture circular spirals or vortexes of energy that interact with our physical body through the layers of our subtle energy field. Each chakra rotates or spins at its own frequency and has a front and back. Chakras are shaped like conical funnels with the point of contact at the spine and the wide mouth end pointing out towards the world around us. Each chakra regulates a different aspect of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. They are responsible for energy coming into our body as well as energy leaving our body and are the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. I like to think of them as a “superhighway”, many lanes filled with information coming in as well as going out moving at an incredible speed.

There are 7 main Chakras contained within the energy field of the body. Each Chakra is associated with the gland in its area, our glandular system is responsible for regulating our body system, things like temperature, hormones etc. Chakra’s are also the key point for helping us develop our intuition. They are associated with the colors of the rainbow starting with red and responsible for assisting us in keeping ourselves in optimal health by bringing in information required by our body and releasing information when it is no longer relevant or required.

This is an outline for the main 7 seven chakras in the body, where they are located, the color, what glad they are associate with, problems when they are not functioning, their psychic function, and the dimensional plane they are associated and work with through our DNA:

First: Root / Red / Effects: Grounding, Fight or Flight, Addictions, Abundance / Gland: Adrenals / Communicates: through Sympathy in a physical way / Dimension: First

Second: Sacral / Orange / Gland: Ovaries or Testes / Effects: Creativity, Feelings of Self / Communicates: through Empathy / Dimension: Second

Third: Solar Plexus / Yellow / Gland: Pancreas / Effects: Power Center, Self Esteem / Communicates: through Clairsentience / Dimension: Third

Fourth: Heart / Green / Gland: Heart / Effects: Relationship to others / Communicate: through Astral realm: guidance / Dimension: Fourth (Astral Realm / Rainbow Bridge)

Fifth: Throat / Light Blue / Gland: Thyroid / Effects: Speaking Truth, Will Power, Separation from ourself as Source / Communicates: through Clairaudience / Dimension: Fifth

Sixth: Third Eye / Indigo / Gland: Pituitary / Effects: Seeing clearly, Persecution / Communicates: through Clairvoyance / Dimension: Sixth

Seventh: Crown / White or Purple / Gland: Pineal / Effects: Connection to Source and expansion of Consciousness / Communicates: Divine Connection and Guidance / Dimension: Seventh

It’s my belief that chakras are associated with and responsible for each band in our Aura field. They are in constant flow moving between our own body and the bodies of those we come in contact with during our daily travels, our family, relationships, co-workers and friends. Since they are connected to the glandular system and transmit energy throughout our body, becoming a barometer of sorts for our emotional, mental and spiritual state of being, we can see that chakras are a vital part of our life force energy. Keeping our Chakras healthy and clear is as important as maintaining any other area of our body.

Through my work, it has become clear to me that our mental body (thoughts) and our emotional body (emotions) are critical key components in our ability to maintain good health. We know our thoughts are electric, they are the “spark” that first ignites our process of thinking. Our thoughts can have us out a day, week, month or year into our future without our awareness which pulls us away from being present in our now moment. This is going to impact our root chakra first since thoughts heading into our future are often about our “survival” in some way.

Next up in our process is our emotions, activated and rushing out to meet up with where our thoughts have ventured. This is a natural process for our emotions since they are magnetic, and always trying to make good time, keeping up with the lightning speed like action of our thoughts, and because emotions are magnetic, they are heavy and dense which makes it hard for them to keep up with the fast pace of our thoughts. If we are not paying attention to our thought process, not doing a good job staying present, we will create an “out of balance, out of synch” feeling in our body both mentally and emotionally. This becomes anxiety. Our emotions are struggling to keep time with our thoughts and create the anxious feeling associated with anxiety. This is where illness begins. We create it through our thoughts, emotions and actions most times without awareness. This imbalance of energy streaming through the subtle energy body begins to build up and shift our physical body out of balance.

Disease and illness are initiated in the energy field and by continuously repeating the belief and emotion (imbalance), over a period of time especially if we have unhealthy living habits, the chaotic energy will take hold in the body as it’s pulled in through the energy field into the physical body becoming disease and serious illness. This is where marrying a thought and emotion over and over until it becomes a “belief” we can’t let go of, impacts the flow of energy in our body and we begin to notice a decline in our state of wellbeing. Through our mental and emotional dis-ease we have created an opportunity for disease to set in.

When the body moves into a state of dis-ease it stands to reason that disease / illness will manifest in the body. An illness in our body points to or relates to an illness in our entire being. For instance, the color of the Root / Base Chakra is red, and the aspect is grounding spiritual energy. Physically it deals with fight or flight, mentally it warehouses attitudes of territory, primal instincts for survival, family value, religious beliefs, belonging, separation, and our right to your own space and existence. The emotional body warehouses the emotional component such as aggression, anger, fear, survival. The spiritual aspect is security / stability or lack of. Health issues related to the root chakra can include addictions and compulsions, nervous system diseases or disorders, family dysfunctions etc. The dimension is the first which is also the first strand of the 12 strands of DNA we are healing / activating through our spiritual evolution and is associated with our physical body. This first chakra / first strand of DNA is responsible for our physical body experience in our day to day reality. Now you can see how it’s all tied together.

In these times of uncertainty with all there is going on in the world we are finding ourselves more stressed than ever before. It’s important not to lose sight of the importance of taking care of yourself to ensure that you remain healthy and balanced through mind, body, and soul. Nourishing the spiritual body is as important as feeding the physical body and vice versa. This requires that we keep our thoughts, emotions, and actions in check. Awareness is the key to maintaining good health. When we are thinking good thoughts about ourselves, speaking kindly to or about ourselves, and taking action to ensure our contentedness and wellbeing are met, the result will be a happy, healthy, balanced energy field in which our chakras play a main role. We are the key to our well-being, it’s up to us to create balance.

Creating balance in our life can include healthy eating, taking time to nurture ourselves but most importantly it’s about movement since the root chakra is all about the “physical” state of being. This is where our health begins. Yoga is the perfect way to create flow in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience. Any poses that support the root chakra will support the entire subtle body energy system.

Join me next time for an in-depth look at the Root Chakra for an understanding of how it plays a vital role right now as we see the destruction and chaos around us through the events of the past few months. We will look at ways in which the root chakra becomes unhealthy, how it can affect our body as well as ways in which we can bring it back into balance and which brings balance and vitality to our overall state of well-being. It’s one of the most important chakras for maintaining our overall stability.

Maria Deesy

Maria is an Energy Intuitive, Ascension Guide and Wayshower working within the energetic blueprint of both Gaia and her clients to access and assist in transmuting trauma at all levels. Maria’s also able to read to solar frequencies of the cosmos and can provide insight Into the energies presenting in order to better navigate our physical experience during our Ascension. Her work supports the awakening process of humanity. Connect with Maria on the following sites: website, blog, Instagram, or twitter. Copyright©2020

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay