Weekly Pose Tutorial: Bhekasana (Frog Pose)

Bhekasana or frog pose allows you to lengthen through the front body while engaging through the back body. The first thing you need to understand is that this is a backbending pose. It traditionally comes in the Second Series or Intermediate Series of Ashtanga.

Bhekasana brings up a little bit of fear in people about what is happening in the knees. It requires an internal rotation of the thighs and deep knee flexion.

We’ll look at the safe way to enter the posture so no matter what your level of flexibility, you will be able to achieve the pose. It’s not about forcing your body. It’s about listening and learning from the messages your body sends you. If you try to bend your knees too hard in this pose it won’t work. Again you should not force anything.

Lay on your stomach and in a relaxed manner bend your knees. Let your calf lazily come out to the sides just a bit so there is an internal rotation in your hips. Don’t bring your feet up to your butt. They should be on the outside of your hips.

Draw in your belly and press your iliac crest into the ground. Draw your thigh away from the ground.

Now reach your right arm back and place the “L” of your hand between the base of your thumb and base of index finger on your foot. Press on the foot and flip your grip to push your foot down. Do the same thing on the left side.

Don’t force anything. Your hands are simply holding your feet in place. Don’t jam your foot down. You’re gripping but not forcing.

Lift your quadriceps and press your iliac crests into the ground. Allow yourself to have space in your knee joint.
Make space through the back.

The center of the chest is up and forward and the knees are back and away from the body. Your thighs are off the ground.

When you are ready to come out of the pose release it slowly.

Watch this video with Kino to get a better idea of Bhekasana.

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