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Gentle Hatha Yoga

Wednesday, December 1st at 11:00 pm (in your local timezone)

Join Anamargret for a gentle hatha yoga flow that will enhance wellbeing, cultivate mindfulness, and provide healing and relaxation. This session will teach you how to use breath to focus the mind in order to bring about a sense of peace, and a better awareness of the mind/body connection. Hatha yoga situates the dual energies of the sun and the moon within the context of yoga posture. Understanding what movements correspond to which energies will help the student gain a profound awareness of the harmony of duality such as night/day, body/mind, and sun/moon.

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Join Anamargret and 30 other yogis
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Anamargret Sanchez

Among Miami's most experienced and sought-after yoga teachers, Anamargret is a global citizen of Jamaican, Cuban, and German heritage. She is a dedicated teacher and student of the yoga tradition, and has been blessed to study with many respected teachers, including Rod Stryker, creator of Para Yoga, Manorama, founder of Sanskrit Studies, T.K.V. Desikachar, Leslie Kaminoff, Marlysa Sullivan, and Judith Lasater. Anamargret’s interest in understanding human bodies in their material and social contexts extends to the arts. She has been active in the performance art scene in New York City, where she performed in historic art spaces like Dix...

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