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Slow Flow: The Five Elements

Thursday, January 20th at 01:00 am (in your local timezone)

Fire A fire-element-inspired practice designed to reinvigorate, create heat, and ignite our sense of motivation and endurance. This is a series of slow-paced flow practices, with each session exploring the characteristics of a specific element (earth, water, fire, air, and space/ether) within a well-rounded, complete sequence. By connecting with the elements of nature, the intention is to get in touch with yourself and your own energy. After completing all classes in this series, you can choose the specific practice you need at any given time to restore your inner balance and increase your sense of well-being. Optional props: 1 strap, 2 blocks, and a bolster and 2 blankets for an extra-nourishing savasana.

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Jeremy Lim

Jeremy Lim is a yoga and meditation teacher and the creator of Resting Conversation® and Power & Alignment®. Considered a teacher of teachers, he conducts trainings across Europe and Asia and has been featured in Expat Living, Mantra Wellness Magazine and Om Yoga Magazine.

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