• Things Do Not Change–We Change

    We can analyse our problems for years – but nothing changes until we change the sensations we link to an experience in our nervous system – the power of your brain. Reframing your mindsets is the key to breaking patterns.

    Things do not change – we change.  And if we want change, then we have to do things different.

    We need to adopt the belief that we can change in a moment – after all, if you can create a problem in a moment, you should be able to create a solution too – right? You and I both know that when people finally do change, they do it in a moment, don’t they? There’s an instant when the change occurs. Why not make that instant NOW? Usually, it’s the getting ready to change that takes people time.

    One of my favourite mantras is: “Too much analysis leads to paralysis!”

    We can analyse our problems for years – but nothing changes until we change the sensations we link to an experience in our nervous system – the power of your brain. Reframing your mind-sets is the key to breaking patterns.

    People who feel stuck or blocked are locked into points of view. We tend to act in this way through habit and an inability to welcome alternative ideas. In this situation we allow the past to create our present. Everything is subject to reconstruction and renewal. The “re” factor is the basis of resurrecting, reshaping, regenerating, reviving and rejuvenating.

    Creative persons live in a state of constant search and exploration. The creative way of looking at the world assumes multiple truths and interactions among them. As Walt Whitman expressed it, the individual person contains multitudes. And so, the most fundamental skill of the creative person is the ability to constantly re-vision the world. The patterns of the constructed self CAN be broken, transcended to reach new heights.

    In fact, there are 3 specific beliefs about responsibility that a person must have if they are going to create long-term change. You want to know them? Here they are.

    1. First, we must believe, SOMETHING MUST CHANGE – not that it should change, or that it could or ought to change, but that it absolutely MUST. It’s only when something becomes a “must” that we begin the process of truly doing what’s necessary to shift the quality of our lives.

    2. We must not only believe that things must change, BUT WE MUST BELIEVE, “I MUST CHANGE IT”. We must see ourselves as the source of the change. Otherwise, we’ll always be looking for someone else to make the changes for us, and we’ll always have someone else to blame when it doesn’t work out. We must be the source of our change if our change is going to last.

    3. Third, we have to believe, “I CAN CHANGE IT” – without believing that it’s possible to change, we stand no chance of carrying through on our desires.

    Humanity is a kingdom of Nature which, according to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, suffers more conflict than any other kingdom. Life on Earth is a process of constant conflict, pulls and counterpulls. What we see as a problem, that which is not agreeable to us, becomes the obstacle. We have to include all those elements to complete the experience of Oneness. And when the personal viewpoint no longer exists, when we perceive the so-called “good” and “bad” as two aspects of the One Background, then we are living in a greater Reality.

    It is a training in achieving HARMONY THRU CONFLICT. The nature of life is to contain both chaos and order. But it is this uncertainty that you feel inside yourself that becomes the Doorway to Wisdom.
    One of the world’s most universal spiritual exercises involves establishing empathy and respect for adversaries and annoyances.

    Opening the heart to the disturbing situation enables us to invert its energy. So when we use our disturbances as materials of expression, we see that everything in life is fuel for the creative process. Creativity puts toxins to good use. This will show us that Humanity’s job on planet Earth is to bring Love into the world of Duality. And the Christ-mass Festival is a reminder each year to rise above our personal likes & dislikes and give out the Light & Love to each other and step into that sense of ONENESS which is WHOLENESS.

    By Derek Seagrief

    By Derek Seagrief is an internationally recognised astrologer, teacher, lecturer, author, and astro-therapist, grounded in PsychoSynthesis. Born in London, August 1952 and living in Denmark from 1978. For more than 24 years Derek has travelled throughout Scandinavia and England offering a wide variety of workshops and personal consultations. Originally started his career as artist and sculptor with exhibitions in both London and New York. Started to teach himself both Tarot and Astrology at the age of 17. From the time of arrival in Denmark he has been working full time in the field of intuitive astrology, combining psychology, Psychosynthesis and psychotherapy together in a living and meaningful wholeness. Derek has a rich experience with the many branches of astrology and this led to the creation of a unique 2-Year education The Unicorn School of Astro-Psychology. The School was among the first to offer students a professional training in counselling, combining Astrology and modern psychology through the inspiration of PsychoSynthesis. Among its teachers was Tad Mann and LiseLotte Mann. Derek established the School for Living Kabbalah in 1999. Derek has been a regular contributor to many magazines, both Scandinavian and international throughout the years, and been a key speaker at international astrology Conferences. Author of 9 privately published books. www.seagrief.com. Derek has also been a guest lecturer at The Hercules School of Astrology.

    Photo by prottoy hassan on Unsplash.

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  • Your Own Experience

    As a teacher and practitioner of yoga, I try to model that each of us is always learning and teaching those around us.

    There are no experts.

    When we begin to accept that we are all learners on different parts of the same path, it opens us up to be more accepting of others, and ourselves.

    The only thing we can truly be experts in is our own experience. No one, not a single other person, can better understand, relate to, or speak to your experience.

    Personal Development Junkie.

    I like to call myself a personal development junkie. I read all the books, sign up for all the webinars, and constantly seek the knowledge and advice from other “experts” in the mindfulness sphere.

    And I find SO much value in this learning! If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

    Personal development, your yoga practice, or any other journey you take on to grow as a person is just that, a journey. There is no end. You don’t read enough books or watch enough webinars one day, and then realize, “Wow! I am now personally developed!”

    It’s a continual, mindful practice of trying, testing, changing, stretching, and challenging to become more and more of your true, highest self.

    But none of these teachers, speakers, or writers have been in your shoes (or, in yogi terms, on your mat).

    Challenge Your Assumptions.

    Seeking new ideas is only one part of the journey. Another part is making a conscious choice for what actually resonates with and serves you. Your body, mind, background, career, socio-economic status, race, religion, and so many other factors play into what will actually serve you in your experience.

    But again, you are making a CHOICE for what serves you. You might read something in this article that totally resonates. And you might read something else that you 100% disagree with.

    Great! Either way, you’ve learned something new about yourself.

    Allow me, though, to challenge your assumptions.

    Assumptions are what happens when you believe something will work out one way because it has before. What would happen in your life if you stopped assuming? What opportunities could present themselves instead, if you chose to try instead of assume?

    What is something you want, whether related to the yoga limbs or not, that you assume you can’t do, so you never even try? It could be literally anything.

    By challenging your own assumptions, learning new perspectives, and simply trying where you most believe you’re going to fail, you find what works for you.

    Whether you’re practicing with what foods work best for your body, or what yoga style resonates with you, or how to bring more self-love into your every day, this is my best advice:

    Take what works, leave the rest, and deviate as necessary. You are the expert in your own experience.

    By Jordan Page

    Jordan Page is a traveling nomad who takes her love of yoga with her everywhere she goes. She also believes you can learn a lot about someone from their Hogwarts House. After completing yoga teacher training in 2017, she and her husband converted a school bus into their tiny home in which they now live and travel in full-time. She has taught in multiple states around the U.S. and in 2019 she completed her professional coach training through iPEC and earned her CPC. Through yoga and coaching, she works to empower and inspire women to own the life of their choosing through conscious, purposeful intention. She is purposefully living, while not taking things too seriously.

    NOTE: This post is part of a collaborative media series organized and curated by Omstars and the Yoga & Body Image Coalition intended as a deep dive into yoga & body image.