Your Astrology Forecast for 2024 and November 2023

The foundational tenet of astrology is captured by the phrases: “as above so below,” and “as within so without.” To this, I like to append – “as with her so with him.” Astrology connects us to our celestial environment, reminding us that we too are made of stardust and part of the cosmos.

Astrology is not a fortunetelling tool, rather she is the confluence of fate and free will. Having analyzed thousands of astrological charts over the past three decades, I am convinced that we are not mere pawns to destiny. Instead, we share the steering wheel with Lady of Fortune.

Consider the upcoming year as a cosmic journey, with this book serving as your guiding compass, providing insights to avoid pitfalls and unveiling routes to maximize your potential.

Intro to the Astrology of 2024

2024 is not an easy ride. It’s baptized with blood and conflict (North Node in Aries), floods and natural calamities (Saturn in Pisces), disinformation and lies (Jupiter exiled in Gemini), and ideological clashes between conservatives and liberals (Pluto transits from Capricorn to Aquarius). Amplifying the mythical undertones of 2024 is the fact that it’s also the Chinese year of the Dragon. But worry not, you’re now holding the guidebook that can help you navigate these turbulent frequencies, aspects, and transits.

The intensity of 2024 is palpable. It kicks off, (or rather finds it hard to) with Mercury not only exiled but also stationary and culminates with Mars retrograde. Nevertheless, there is a sliver of hope as 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, and it so happened that the Head of the Dragon is transiting in fire-breathing Aries, for the first time in 19 years. This offers us an opportunity to harness the Dragon’s energy to your advantage.

In 2024 Pluto makes his final shift from Capricorn (tradition) to Aquarius (futurism). However, when Pluto transitions into a new sign, as he did in 2008, he ushers in significant financial shakeup. We should brace ourselves for some economic challenges and shifts in the coming year.

From a numerological standpoint, 2024 reduces to the number 8, symbolizing infinity. In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the 8th sphere is called Splendor and is the vessel of magic and synchronicities. This suggests an alignment with limitless potential, a formidable ally in challenging times.

Now that we’ve looked at what the following year will look like, let’s look at next month so you now what to expect.

The Astrology of the Month of November

· November 2 -3 (Sun opposes Jupiter): There is a general sense that everyone including you is overdoing or with a terribly inflated ego. Seems like the theme of these days is “over the top.” So, yes to optimism and manifesting, but not while projecting entitlement.

· November 3 – 4 (Saturn Stationary): Avoid starting any long-term projects as Saturn Stationary is like an old tree rooted firmly and refuses to move. There could be some fears and insecurities resurfacing. You might find bosses and superiors more difficult to handle.

· November 3 – 5 (Venus opposes Neptune while Mercury opposes Uranus): The season of oppositions continues and the first week of November feels like you are caught between forces that are fighting over you. There could be some deep disappointment regarding a financial deal and or a partnership. There is also untamed brilliance or chaotic communication around you. It is a good time to come up with bright ideas but don’t try to make them happen until Nov 6.

· November 5 (Saturn goes direct): Slowly the retrograde bonanza is easing and things can start flowing again especially with your discipline, long-term projects, relationships, and career.

· November 6 – 7 (Mercury trines Neptune while Venus trines Pluto): A big shift in the celestial mood as we move from opposing forces to harmonious ones. A great deal of intuition, channeling and mediumship is taking place. There are good financial opportunities as well as great vibes with partners in life and work. These are artistic and poetic days with information flowing from different sources.

· November 8 (Venus enters Libra until December 4): Venus is taking of the nun’s robes and wearing her fashion forward outfits. She is back to being the Lady of Justice as well as the socialite. In other words, she loves being back in her dual sign, Libra. Relationships can flow better, as well as the pursuit of justice. A great time for design.

· November 8 – 9 (Mercury sextile Pluto): Intense communication and an ability to heal and fix issues with powerful people or folks you share a deep intimacy with. Magic and transformation are in the air.

· November 10 (Mercury squares Saturn): Conflict and challenges caused by miscommunication, misinformation, or glitches. Delays in shipments, challenges to coordinate and difficult relations with figures of authority.

· November 10 (Mercury enters Sagittarius until December 1): Mercury is in exile in Sagittarius hence communications can be off for the next few weeks. This placement of Mercury favors reading, writing, and dealing with philosophy, religion, education, and possibly healing relations with in-laws or foreigners. Good for travel abroad.

· November 11 – 14 (Mars and Sun opposes Uranus): We are entering a weeklong period of Mars and the Sun glued together and both opposing the unpredictable awakener, Uranus. Take heed, everything can catch fire right now. There is violence, aggression, and restlessness abound. Be extra careful while driving, writing, posting, talking. There are also higher chances for injuries and accidents waiting to happen so make sure to breathe deeply and walk, think, talk slow.

· November 13 (New Moon in Sagittarius): A challenging New Moon that is opposing Uranus while conjunct Mars. It is a good time to start new projects that relate to mass-media, education, travel, and law. However, the atmosphere is impulsive and hotheaded so be extra careful. The Sagittarius New Moon can induce you to drive or move too fast. Try to be more calm.

· November 15 – November 21 (Sun conjuncts Mars): The temperature is high as Mars, the planet of war, and the Sun are standing together. It feels like an invasion of Aries, forcing us to take action, redefine our self-expression, and identity and decide what is important enough to fight for. Be careful of impetuous and aggressive tendencies.

· November 13 – 17 (Mercury sextiles Venus): This aspect is not enough to offset the clustering aggressive planets above but it can serve as the paramedic at the battlefield. Partners and significant others might come to the rescue and offer help. A good day for sales of art or other objects you feel an emotional connection with.

· November 16 – 18 (Sun and Mars trines Neptune): This is a magical aspect of mysticism, intuition, and psychic flow. A very creative and ethereal time where dreams and imagination are reinforced by the Sun. Since Mars is involved in this blessed day, make sure to act upon your intuition. There also could be a situation where you do things without knowing why only later to discover it was your intuition helping you prepare for a specific event or situation.

· November 19 (Minerva enters Scorpio until February 6, 2024): Minerva the goddess of wisdom is now in Scorpio and can help strategize investments, working with other people’s money and talents, and connect you to the powers of tantra. There is a great opportunity for healing and transformation through intellectual pursuits. You will be asked to be deep with your mind, getting to the bottom things. Great for research, investigation, unearthing the truth.

· November 20 – 22 (Sun and Mars sextile Pluto): A little door of opportunities is opening today, perhaps a call to action that can connect you to your power, passion, and drive. The two rulers of Scorpio are in harmony and blessed by the Sun. Your powers of transformation are peaking.

· November 22 (Sun enters Sagittarius): For the next 30 days we are all Sagittarius. Practice your optimism, acceptance, and lighthearted adventurous spirit. Educate and be educated, travel, mentor, and learn. Sagittarius is the sign of truth, therefore, be authentic and walk the talk.

· November 22 – 23 (Sun squares Saturn): There could be some power struggles between father figures, bosses, and superiors that can make you feel uneasy. You might be forced into action you rather not take.

· November 24 (Mars enters Sagittarius until January 4, 2024): Mars loves being in Sagittarius, the sign of Bruce Lee and many other martial artists. A great time for action, business, and projects outside of your own country or with foreigners. There is passion toward finding the truth, fighting for justice, and education. Be careful of over optimism or saying, “Yes!” to too many things.

· November 24 – 26 (Mars squares Saturn): Now it’s Mars’ turn to square Saturn. The rebellious soldier refuses an order. Be careful of over training or injuries. Employees or unruly kids could pose a challenge to your authority.

· November 26 – 28 (Venus conjunct South Node): An opportunity to let go and discard issues or patterns in relationships. If you need to make a clean breakup from someone in your life, this a good time for that.

· November 27 (Mercury squares Neptune): Not the best time for logical and reasonable thinking. Best to take a long siesta today, take a walk in a green environment and avoid being reactive. Don’t listen to your dreams tonight.

· November 27 (Full Moon in Gemini): While the Moon is squaring Saturn and opposite to Mars, she is getting some help from Pluto. A good time to complete processes or projects that relate to information, marketing, and sales. You will find yourself caught between truth and lies, authenticity and fakeness. Stay clear of hypocrites and fraudulent businesses or people.

By Gahl Sasson

Gahl Sasson is an expert astrologer, storyteller, and teacher. With deep roots in the ancient art of Kabbalah, astrology, and psychology, Gahl helps interpret your past and design your future in illuminating and life-changing ways.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay