The Best Blog Posts of 2020

“The years go by. The time, it does fly. Every single second is a moment in time that passes. And it seems like nothing – but when you’re looking back … well, it amounts to everything.” ~ Ray Bradbury

In 2020, the Omstars blog had the pleasure of hosting articles by activists and thought leaders in the yoga space. We are delighted to have worked with so many deep thinkers who have shared their insights with us.

Let’s take a moment to look back at the 10 most popular articles we posted last year.

1. Top Three Yin Yoga Postures to Relieve Stress

2. Five Common Mistakes that Hold your Home Yoga Practice Back

3. We’re listening and we are committed to learning

4.  Yoga Community, Your Love and Light is Not Working

5. Five Tips to Turn Any Room into Your Personal Yoga Sanctuary

6. The Cultural Appropriation of Sanskrit

7. In Support of POC and Marginalized Folks in the Yoga Community

8. Om Tattoos & Cultural Appropriation

9. Yoga Mythology Series: Samrat Yayati – Ceaseless Desires

10.  Cooking with Kino: Vegan Walnut Banana Fruit Bread

We’re looking forward to what 2021 will bring. This year we plan on posting even more thought-provoking content. The message of yoga is not confined to the physical practice. It shapes the way we think about the world and interact with the people around us. We will continue to dive into all aspects of the practice to uncover how we can live our best yogi lives. Look for more great content here in 2021.

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