The Womxn Vote

When we think about women in politics, or women’s involvement in social or political movements, it’s usually boiled down to a pretty rigid take on white, cis feminism. These views rarely take into account the voices of more marginalized populations, and minimize the impact of more mainstream and palatable feminism which is in-turn the white feminism we’re used to seeing when it comes to elections and legislative decisions. We now know that feminism without intersectionality is white supremacy.

We created The Womxn Vote after witnessing the lack of outreach to Black Trans Womxn. Not only are politicians, representatives and legislation not taking into account the needs and rights of trans individuals, but there is an egregious lack of representation, and understanding for individuals who have any involvement or experience in these communities. The Womxn Vote has grown to reflect the needs of all womxn. To educate womxn, and their allies, on voting issues and candidates that promote intersectional equity and justice.

When we think about the issues affecting womxn, we think about the needs of all. Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, White, Non-Binary, Cis, what and/or whomever you choose to identify as or with. We are ready for a system of government in which representatives know that they indeed do work for the people.

We recognize the need and want for change, but also the resistance to acknowledge what that truly means. We know that in life it is easy to see and not do. But we are here to encourage you to make the change for not only yourself but for all versions of yourself that live in this world. We ask that as women you take up the mantle to express yourself fully and objectively. Now is the time to ask the hard questions. When we think about the 2016 election and see that 53% of white women voted against the interest of ALL Womxn, it becomes clear that they instead chose to turn a blind eye to mothers, daughters, BIPOC women, survivors of sexual assault, queer individuals, and those living in poverty or as an immigrant. We must look with an honest lens and understand that either they are gravely misinformed of the issues, or simply do not care. What we have found in regards to white women is that if the issues don’t reach into their homes and lives, they remain unaffected, and complacent. We see this currently with the protests that fill our news feeds and we have seen it historically from women’s suffrage to slavery.

As womxn and allies, we are tasked to look at all the parts of us and see how they connect to those who we may have felt “other than”. It is not a task of simply helping people, but seeing ourselves in others, seeing the issues that affect trans, non-binary, and non-white individuals as issues that affect us ALL. We must come to the understanding that we are not changing the course of history for someone else, but for ourselves.

Modern feminism starting from the fight for the right to vote, it grossly misrepresents and sometimes completely erases the the contributions of Black, Indigenous, Non-White, and Non-Cis womxn. Even some of the milestones and organizations heralded for women’s progress are steeped in prejudice against underrepresented and marginalized womxn, and almost never address the layer of non-binary or trans womxn. We ask you to go further than whether someone is Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc. Dig deeper into what their records are when it comes to the issues of ALL womxn, their families, and their allies.

Our hope is to cultivate a collective at The Womxn Vote of voters dedicated to fighting for a more intersectional, equitable and just world for all. Through this collective, we invite you to be passionately and unapologetically womxn. To educate yourself, your community, family, allies, on voting issues with the goal of becoming the most informed and powerful voting collective yet – for the 2020 election and beyond. Empowering individuals who are informed, engaged, and prepared to bring change in their communities that benefit all womxn.

When it comes to this education, it is imperative to focus on anti-racist and anti-sexist policies and highlight politicians that support womxn and their allies. And while we step into our power as womxn together, we acknowledge the need for men to join the fold and let their voices be heard, because as we know womxn’s issues ARE men’s issues. We see the importance of calling in those who may not understand the full spectrum of intersectionality in feminism and politics, by calling attention to the issues and individuals who may be missing the mark. It’s all part of the education, and we’re standing on the precipice of change, ready for you to join us.

While some have arrived at the realization that we need to dismantle systems of oppression in all areas, the need is for all people to arrive and not only accept this work on an individual level, but also the legislative level. This is how we make true and lasting change for our society. We are dedicated to using our voices and our votes to make the world a more fair and equitable place for all. One of the most impactful ways to do this is to ensure issues affecting the most marginalized are amplified and those communities are supported by all of our efforts. Mobilizing womxn and their allies around their vote is the most powerful thing we can do and we are here to do it. In this age of constant news and and information overload, our work is to pull up, educate ourselves and others creating considerable change in how we advocate for legislation that protects and liberates all.

Join us at Help spread the word to your loved ones. Amplify the collective’s voice. We are fighting for an intersectional President and a Senate that works in the interests of all people. This will not be the last part of our work, but rather the beginning of a complete and total awakening to the issues on both sides of the aisle, and a dismantling of systems in place that hide the patriarchal and white supremacist undertones beneath the veil of whitewashed feminist politics. @thewomxnvote

The Womxn Vote is excited to share this much-needed work with other communities. We know now, more than ever, is the time to combine wellness with activism. They both need each other.This workshop is 2 hours and includes 45 minutes of guided yoga, 45 minutes of content on intersectionality and identity and then 30 minutes of sharing and Q+A. 

By Stephanie Wallace & Yemie Sonuga

Yemie Sonuga has spent the last half decade expressing her love through yoga. She is a 200-hour RYT yoga teacher, and a forever student. Yemie teachings are based in Vinyasa, Meditation, Dharma Yoga, and Visualization. Her approach to teaching is one of encouragement. Empowering you to believe in yourself, allowing the dismantling of fear, and the re-imagination of your true self. She has taught yoga across Canada and the US. Yemie offers a weekly Zoom class, as well as group Visualization sessions. Yemie is one of the founders of The Womxn Vote. She holds a Masters Degree from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire. Her offerings can be found here, follow her @yemiesonuga.

Stephanie Wallace is a yoga and meditation teacher, healer and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a 500 hour certification with the Yoga Alliance, is a reiki practitioner and guides lunar-based ritual practice, helping to lead individuals back to themselves through intention, introspection and intuition. For the past six years, Stephanie has taught yoga + meditation in studios, schools and nonprofit organizations, bringing an element of understanding and compassion for individuals from, and throughout, all walks of life. As a trauma-informed teacher, she infuses this approach into all aspects of guidance in order to create truly safe spaces for individuals to experience their practice. Stephanie is proud to be one of the founders of The Womxn Vote. You can find Stephanie on Instagram at @stephiejane and @littlemoonmystic, and learn more about her offerings at

The Womxn Vote is a collective of womxn voters who are dedicated to fighting for a more intersectional, equitable and just world for all. We focus on educating womxn on voting issues with the goal of becoming the most informed and powerful voting collective yet. Our voter education focuses on anti-racist and anti-sexist policies and politicians that support womxn and their allies. Learn more at @thewomxnvote on IG and here.