• Chakras 101

    In these times of uncertainty with all there is going on in the world we are finding ourselves more stressed than ever before. It’s important not to lose sight of the importance of taking care of yourself to ensure that you remain healthy and balanced through mind, body, and soul. Nourishing the spiritual body is as important as feeding the physical body and vice versa.

    Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”. Picture circular spirals or vortexes of energy that interact with our physical body through the layers of our subtle energy field. Each chakra rotates or spins at its own frequency and has a front and back. Chakras are shaped like conical funnels with the point of contact at the spine and the wide mouth end pointing out towards the world around us. Each chakra regulates a different aspect of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. They are responsible for energy coming into our body as well as energy leaving our body and are the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. I like to think of them as a “superhighway”, many lanes filled with information coming in as well as going out moving at an incredible speed.

    There are 7 main Chakras contained within the energy field of the body. Each Chakra is associated with the gland in its area, our glandular system is responsible for regulating our body system, things like temperature, hormones etc. Chakra’s are also the key point for helping us develop our intuition. They are associated with the colors of the rainbow starting with red and responsible for assisting us in keeping ourselves in optimal health by bringing in information required by our body and releasing information when it is no longer relevant or required.

    This is an outline for the main 7 seven chakras in the body, where they are located, the color, what glad they are associate with, problems when they are not functioning, their psychic function, and the dimensional plane they are associated and work with through our DNA:

    First: Root / Red / Effects: Grounding, Fight or Flight, Addictions, Abundance / Gland: Adrenals / Communicates: through Sympathy in a physical way / Dimension: First

    Second: Sacral / Orange / Gland: Ovaries or Testes / Effects: Creativity, Feelings of Self / Communicates: through Empathy / Dimension: Second

    Third: Solar Plexus / Yellow / Gland: Pancreas / Effects: Power Center, Self Esteem / Communicates: through Clairsentience / Dimension: Third

    Fourth: Heart / Green / Gland: Heart / Effects: Relationship to others / Communicate: through Astral realm: guidance / Dimension: Fourth (Astral Realm / Rainbow Bridge)

    Fifth: Throat / Light Blue / Gland: Thyroid / Effects: Speaking Truth, Will Power, Separation from ourself as Source / Communicates: through Clairaudience / Dimension: Fifth

    Sixth: Third Eye / Indigo / Gland: Pituitary / Effects: Seeing clearly, Persecution / Communicates: through Clairvoyance / Dimension: Sixth

    Seventh: Crown / White or Purple / Gland: Pineal / Effects: Connection to Source and expansion of Consciousness / Communicates: Divine Connection and Guidance / Dimension: Seventh

    It’s my belief that chakras are associated with and responsible for each band in our Aura field. They are in constant flow moving between our own body and the bodies of those we come in contact with during our daily travels, our family, relationships, co-workers and friends. Since they are connected to the glandular system and transmit energy throughout our body, becoming a barometer of sorts for our emotional, mental and spiritual state of being, we can see that chakras are a vital part of our life force energy. Keeping our Chakras healthy and clear is as important as maintaining any other area of our body.

    Through my work, it has become clear to me that our mental body (thoughts) and our emotional body (emotions) are critical key components in our ability to maintain good health. We know our thoughts are electric, they are the “spark” that first ignites our process of thinking. Our thoughts can have us out a day, week, month or year into our future without our awareness which pulls us away from being present in our now moment. This is going to impact our root chakra first since thoughts heading into our future are often about our “survival” in some way.

    Next up in our process is our emotions, activated and rushing out to meet up with where our thoughts have ventured. This is a natural process for our emotions since they are magnetic, and always trying to make good time, keeping up with the lightning speed like action of our thoughts, and because emotions are magnetic, they are heavy and dense which makes it hard for them to keep up with the fast pace of our thoughts. If we are not paying attention to our thought process, not doing a good job staying present, we will create an “out of balance, out of synch” feeling in our body both mentally and emotionally. This becomes anxiety. Our emotions are struggling to keep time with our thoughts and create the anxious feeling associated with anxiety. This is where illness begins. We create it through our thoughts, emotions and actions most times without awareness. This imbalance of energy streaming through the subtle energy body begins to build up and shift our physical body out of balance.

    Disease and illness are initiated in the energy field and by continuously repeating the belief and emotion (imbalance), over a period of time especially if we have unhealthy living habits, the chaotic energy will take hold in the body as it’s pulled in through the energy field into the physical body becoming disease and serious illness. This is where marrying a thought and emotion over and over until it becomes a “belief” we can’t let go of, impacts the flow of energy in our body and we begin to notice a decline in our state of wellbeing. Through our mental and emotional dis-ease we have created an opportunity for disease to set in.

    When the body moves into a state of dis-ease it stands to reason that disease / illness will manifest in the body. An illness in our body points to or relates to an illness in our entire being. For instance, the color of the Root / Base Chakra is red, and the aspect is grounding spiritual energy. Physically it deals with fight or flight, mentally it warehouses attitudes of territory, primal instincts for survival, family value, religious beliefs, belonging, separation, and our right to your own space and existence. The emotional body warehouses the emotional component such as aggression, anger, fear, survival. The spiritual aspect is security / stability or lack of. Health issues related to the root chakra can include addictions and compulsions, nervous system diseases or disorders, family dysfunctions etc. The dimension is the first which is also the first strand of the 12 strands of DNA we are healing / activating through our spiritual evolution and is associated with our physical body. This first chakra / first strand of DNA is responsible for our physical body experience in our day to day reality. Now you can see how it’s all tied together.

    In these times of uncertainty with all there is going on in the world we are finding ourselves more stressed than ever before. It’s important not to lose sight of the importance of taking care of yourself to ensure that you remain healthy and balanced through mind, body, and soul. Nourishing the spiritual body is as important as feeding the physical body and vice versa. This requires that we keep our thoughts, emotions, and actions in check. Awareness is the key to maintaining good health. When we are thinking good thoughts about ourselves, speaking kindly to or about ourselves, and taking action to ensure our contentedness and wellbeing are met, the result will be a happy, healthy, balanced energy field in which our chakras play a main role. We are the key to our well-being, it’s up to us to create balance.

    Creating balance in our life can include healthy eating, taking time to nurture ourselves but most importantly it’s about movement since the root chakra is all about the “physical” state of being. This is where our health begins. Yoga is the perfect way to create flow in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience. Any poses that support the root chakra will support the entire subtle body energy system.

    Join me next time for an in-depth look at the Root Chakra for an understanding of how it plays a vital role right now as we see the destruction and chaos around us through the events of the past few months. We will look at ways in which the root chakra becomes unhealthy, how it can affect our body as well as ways in which we can bring it back into balance and which brings balance and vitality to our overall state of well-being. It’s one of the most important chakras for maintaining our overall stability.

    Maria Deesy

    Maria is an Energy Intuitive, Ascension Guide and Wayshower working within the energetic blueprint of both Gaia and her clients to access and assist in transmuting trauma at all levels. Maria’s also able to read to solar frequencies of the cosmos and can provide insight Into the energies presenting in order to better navigate our physical experience during our Ascension. Her work supports the awakening process of humanity. Connect with Maria on the following sites: website, blog, Instagram, or twitter. Copyright©2020 MariaDeesy.com

    Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay


  • Creating Illness: Healing through awareness

    Healing is an inside job, no one can heal you if you are not holding a true and complete desire to heal yourself.  Those of you familiar with my work have heard me say this over and over again. Healers are amazing conduits for healing to occur, I say that as someone who is trained in both Usui & Karuna Reiki almost 20 years ago. It’s how I started to become aware of the Subtle Energy Body. If you keep reading, I’ll explain how we can receive a healing, think we’re healed only to get sick again.

    The fault for the re-occurrence is not with the healer, it’s with the recipient’s lack of awareness to how the energy body works, as well as the lack of understanding as to how our thoughts and emotions (beliefs) play an integral part in how our reality is created which becomes our life experience. Once you understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and actions to your energy body you can heal and never get sick again.

    The energy of pain and suffering is low and very dense in its vibrational state.  It’s much easier to get momentum going with low vibrational thoughts, it’s like tossing a snowball down-hill, it builds on itself and becomes very difficult to manage or stop. If you create enough of these lower level thoughts and emotions, over time, you can get locked into a cycle of pain and suffering which then becomes a mental / emotional state of being we get locked into called victim-hood mentality which can make it almost impossible to escape.  The lower dense energy of our emotions locks us in to a feeling we run continuously, it becomes a drug and we are addicted to it because it’s the only way we know how to feel.  The more you stay in these lower vibrational states of pain and suffering the easier it becomes to create more.  It’s like being stuck on a hamster wheel, with no escape so you keep creating more.  Higher vibrational thoughts are harder because they are more uncomfortable for us to try to have if we are used to being in a lower state where we feel “nothing ever works out for us or this is just my rotten luck.”

    We are only going to barely skim the surface talking about how we create illness but it’s a good start. If you find yourself getting triggered reading this it’s ok, just breathe.  It’ll all make sense as we go. Awareness is the key, we must be aware of what we are creating through our thoughts, words and actions because that’s what’s creating our experience in our reality.  It’s important to remember that nothing is happening “to us” but rather “for us” in order to help us shift.  No one is setting us up to fail, our soul chose all of this to understand what it feels like to move through and transcend darkness into light to heal.

    Having created Cancer in my body back in 2000’, I was abruptly catapulted onto my path of self-discovery because my life goal of attaining success at my job was suddenly shifted and now solely about healing my body. I was not going to “get it” with the first cancer event in 2000’, it was going to take a reoccurrence in 2004’ to shake me awake. That’s when everything changed, I changes as I became more aware of what was still needing my attention with regard to change.  When I started to look at how I was living, thinking and feeling my life was suddenly heading in a new direction.  I was on a quest to figure it all out. I was someone who needed to know the “how & why”, which can be a challenge at times but in this case, it was my blessing.  It brought me deeper into awareness of myself and through my process I became a critical thinker.  I remember knowing I could not put anyone else in charge of my healing, it was my job.  I remember knowing this with every fiber of my being and looking back now I see I was not even close to where I am now in awareness but it’s a process and I was off to a good start. Since that second dance with cancer it’s been a never-ending search for the truth in how / why we become sick.

    Through my process of self-discovery, I read hundreds of books on all thing’s energy, the body and emotions, I’m well versed in everything Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Debbie Ford and the list goes on but in truth there was always something missing. Even after all the work I had done, starting back in 2000’, it still wasn’t clear why we got sick or how we could heal. Why can some people consume nothing but junk food and live to be104 years old and a health fanatic dies at 40, it never made sense. My work has been based on healing the whole and not the illness because to me that’s like applying a band aid when stitches are needed. The same is true with therapy, it keeps you locked in a loop never really resolving the problem which is the generational patterning, programming or Karmic loop cycle playing out because everything is at the soul level. It feels good in the moment, but that deeper resolution never seems to come… only more separation of self as you struggle to make sense of yourself / your life / your past and most importantly what you could’ve done better to prevent it. The nature of the illness is not really about anyone or anything else, it’s about you and your “perception” of you.  Healing is an inside job; it has nothing to do with anything outside of you. If you take a few minutes more and keep reading, I’ll explain what I’m talking about.

    My work is based on helping people resolve their emotional trauma in order to assist them in their process of healing.  This past year was filled with crazy “pop up” health anomalies, some easy to resolve and others needing a deeper process. Many people called within several days of each other for help with UTI’s and just as many for kidney / bladder stones and now skin problems (including hair loss). In all my years doing this work, assisting people in finding their place of wellbeing through reversing illness and pain in their body I don’t think I’ve had such an eye-opening moment. The intensity of the energy we’re experiencing is bring a lot of emotional stuff to the surface needing to be healed / released.  Resistance to change is the number one catalyst of physical pain / illness. When we are in resistance to letting go our body responds with pain or/and illness.  The resistance is in our thinking process.  Our thoughts snowball and gain momentum which then creates a desire for our emotions to marry the thoughts.  Thoughts and emotions go hand in hand.  Because they are denser than thoughts it’s almost impossible to have one without the other.  The imbalance has us emotional over what we are “perceiving” in our reality as our truth, which is often times not even close to what is really true but we fail to realize that because the density of our emotions has already locked us onto the hamster wheel and we slowly spiral out of control creating anxiety and fear or anger as the first step in creating illness.

    I’ll break this down for you in case you’re not familiar with how illness is created. What all health issues have in common is thoughts, emotions and actions marrying together and being brought into the body through the electromagnetic field through the aura and finally into our physical body. It all starts with our thoughts (electric) and emotions (magnetic) which are our beliefs, followed by our actions.  When emotions are not resolved they imprint in our electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field locks in these time imprints as memories, these are known as timelines which anchor into our electromagnetic field which causes a build-up of density which is created by our emotions. We imprint that timeline through our emotions, so we have now embedded a memory of how we felt in that moment. We carry it with us and keep referring to the memory / emotion of that particular time(line) and over time the density builds creating a distortion in our energy field.  Eventually it weakens our field which then creates a tear or a hole where our personal energy (chi) leaks out.  This weakens our physical body over time and if nothing is done to correct the situation, we develop an illness.

    These emotional imprints or timelines as they are is why it’s so hard to let go of something painful from your past such as relationships.  It doesn’t matter how old / new it is, once we create an emotional imprint it’s with us until we’ve have had enough and release it.  We have a timeline with each person, situation etc. in our life.  Gaia also holds timelines known as the Akashic Records, they are a record of everything our soul has experienced across all timelines, dimensions and parallel realities.  This is the experience we have of being multi-dimensional. Gaia holds all of this information for each human, It’s the collective experience or collective consciousness and we in our physical form have the individual experience.  Every time we think of a situation to which we have an emotional connection / tie, we perceive it through it’s timeline and it will feel fresh, like it just happened as we replay it in our emotional body because of the strength we give it through our thoughts, and actions.

    Our emotions are the powerhouse, they magnetize our past to us. We have learned, throughout our life to master the art of creating emotions to go with events in our lives that have brought us joy and sorrow. The emotions connected to sorrow have been trained by us to occur each time we are triggered into recalling that emotional event / situation / relationship from our past.  Emotions and thoughts give power to our beliefs.  This is the key in resolving illness.  We must develop awareness in order to see what we are creating in each moment.  This is how we can develop a present moment state of being.

    Every illness / issue in the body is an imprint in the electromagnetic field via these timelines. On a soul level certain illness can be built into what we’re here to experience as a soul in human form.  This is called “Generational Patterning”, cancer is an illness the soul group as a collective might choose to experience. There are many reasons why we create illness, in the case of Generational Patterning it’s to heal the family lineage for the soul group, sort of like ending the pattern or behavior that was never resolved by other family members.  When you heal it the generations after you do not have to deal with it, so they won’t create it.  I healed the cancer in my family by owning my healing process.

    Now that we’ve touched on how illness works within timelines, we can understand the other part in the equation of healing our body through how we handle these timelines which are really our “memories” of the experience we’ve had.  Since memories are held onto by our human thinking mind and we see that we are creating the pain and suffering by continually dipping back into our past experiences and pull that memory along with those feelings / emotions front and center, then we start the fueling process giving fire to it through our thoughts. This is why the pain feels fresh & present, we recreate it over and over again and again by not realizing we do not need to relive / rehash it.  When we see this and realize that everything that occurred in our past is merely a “representation” of who we were then at that time we will realize we do not need to review it.  Part of this process revisiting our wounds is our belief that we did something wrong or that something could’ve been done differently when none of that is true.  Everything occurs exactly as it’s meant to in order to create the experience needed to move us forward in order to move out of our state of stuckness.  Crisis is notorious for giving us our wake-up call.

    Now we can look at why it’s hard to let go of pain and suffering. Our bodies hold a unique frequency to us. Our frequency is related to our electromagnetic field.  Our field, just like our chakras, spins which is known as an oscillation rate.  The oscillation rate gives us the frequency at which we vibrate, thus known as our “vibration”.  Since pain and suffering is at a lower vibration, each time we recall that painful thought we connect back to that lower vibration to match that imprinted timeline of the memory of that situation.  In doing so we bring ourselves back to that moment in time creating more density in our energy field through our emotions… our emotions are magnetic and dense.  Our felid is spinning at a slower lower rate creating an imbalance and instability in our state of being.  Our ability to create illness in our physical body is only one part of the equation, it’s what we do with that energy / emotions we are recalling and feeling back into.

    The second part of this equation holds as much importance to how we create illness because it has to do the timelines imprinted to the Earth.  The Earth also has a frequency that has an oscillation rate which creates its vibration just as we do.  Gaia is currently ascending her consciousness and raising to 5D and is in the process of shedding 3D.  We still carry 3D in our field which is why it’s important to do our work so we can be in vibrational alignment with Gaia.  Our whole existence 3D is where we created these experiences, we played in polarity and duality which gives us the experience of something being good / bad, right / wrong etc.  It’s the perfect environment for our soul to work through understanding the human experience.  Looking at cancer again, in our experience Gaia is holding an imprinted timeline cancer and we are holding an imprinted timeline in our field we activate the imprinted timeline in our field and match the same imprinted timeline Gaia holds of cancer.

    The important thing to understand here is that instead of just our emotional/ mental energetic timeline imprint being held by Gaia we are not tapped into the “billions” of people that make up the cancer timeline imprint Gaia who may be struggling just like us, same emotional status as us and we feel it all.  This collective consciousness dealing with cancer is now added to the cancer we are feeling into trying to heal so it magnifies our emotions, thoughts and actions. This is referred to as the “collective consciousness”.  This is likely to add to the emotions you’re already feeling. This is why it can be difficult for some people to handle an illness.  They feel overwhelmed because it’s not just their emotions they are dealing with.  I remember my grandfather had stage 2 cancer and was gone in a matter of weeks.  He was overcome with the fear of dying.  He held his fear and, unintentionally, the fear of the collective consciousness.  I never held fear, I knew I wasn’t going to die from cancer because I was supposed to use it to open to this work.

    Tuning into the collective timeline of an illness can leave us in a state of greater overwhelm than if we were left alone with our emotions, this one of the number one reasons we don’t heal, or we heal and experience a reoccurrence. It’s a loop cycle because of the duality and polarity held on the Earth. When someone heals and stays healed it’s because their thoughts, emotions and actions have shifted out of that patterning, known as a belief system, which let’s go if that timeline and healing occurs. That timeline collective could have hundreds of thousands or millions who are feeding the same emotional energy experience along with their thoughts to that collective timeline which then amplifies your experience with that illness that is now needing to be dealt with by you. Many of the collective timelines are generational imprints, holding the potential for them to be activated by you through any crisis in your life over time. We create our reality in every now moment, it’s a currency exchange of vibration. We need to start thinking about how we are spending our energetic (vibrational) currency. We did not come here to suffer. We came here to live an abundant life. We stay stuck through our thoughts and perceptions that this is the way it must be, this is not true.  Do you know your beliefs are not yours, they don’t belong to you?  They are actually handed to you and you just believe you need to incorporate them into your state of being and own them.

    Let’s talk about those three illnesses I mentioned way back in the beginning.  We can’t go into the remedy since each individual requires something unique in their own process, but I’d like to breakdown a few of the more common issues I’m seeing right now, from an energy perspective, to show you how illness is created.  When there is an event that creates emotions, many can participate which becomes the collective experience.  We can look at how our thoughts, emotions and beliefs create the story for what takes place in our body. Remember, I’m giving you what I perceive as the underlying energetic component of each. (Disclaimer, I am not a Dr. If you feel you need medical attention and a Dr is required, please see one).

    Let’s start with UTI’s. They are Root / Sacral chakra based and have to do with urinating or lack of because of the bacterial infection. This is an emotional situation of being “pissed or pissed off”. The Bladder is involved, and that energetic component is “retention”. The UTI causes burning and pain when you urinate so we need to look at “anger”. This is usually towards another. In most of the cases I see it’s towards the opposite sex. Being pissed off at someone, having to suck it in, or hold it in. Usually there’s an issue with confrontation when the Bladder is involved. Being burning mad.

    Next are Stones, kidneys first, they are also about anger but here they are, mad all this time and never actually “giving shape” to their anger which now becomes lumps of undissolved anger. The kidneys crystallize the “criticisms, failures and disappointments”. I see this a lot with childhood issues, feeling like you got the short end of the stick that life didn’t work out the way you thought. It’s also in some big “desire” not playing out the way they had planned, the failure anchors in. It’s in the solar plexus so it’s about feeling a lack of empowerment and being judged mostly by yourself.

    Next we have Cysts, which are about running the same story about themselves or their life over and over. I thought I had done all the work after the second time I had cancer in 2004 but in 2013 a cyst popped up in the exact location of the cancer to show me that although I made the changes to my thoughts and emotions I still had an area I hadn’t cleared so I didn’t create cancer again but I did create a cyst showing up to let me know there was still work to be done.

    The Bladder Stone is the same anger creating the stone as in the kidneys (see above) however this is the “Bladder”, so this is about “FEAR”, retention, holding things in, mostly from the past or childhood. I see this in people who don’t like confrontation. It’s in the sacral chakra so it’s about not feeling like you’re enough. I see this where people can’t let go of a grudge they’re holding from their past. They have a difficult time communicating feelings.

    Finally, we have skin which is associated with the root chakra. Any skin issues, alopecia included, are about distress or emotional stress such as jealousy or anger that is being “reflected out” since the skin is like the mirror to our soul. I’ve seen this occur when someone was cheated on, in babies who came through a challenging birth and hold fear, as well as in difficult divorces, difficult living situations, work etc. Skin is also associated with the lungs and heart chakra, so there’s grief or fear playing a role as well. For every thought & emotion (action) there is a reaction creating a “step 1” awareness that you are out of balance through the beginning of physical pain. Thoughts and emotions that are left unattended run amok and create imbalances in the electromagnetic field which then magnetize to the same timeline imprint of the Earth and that creates the feeling of “stuckness”, pain and / or despair.

    I know these are trying times were in as were being pushed to our limits being asked to see the bigger picture and the gold paved road on our path leading to our future which is sometimes challenging to see. Most issues can easily be resolved with self-work, but they will persist if no action is taken because they are being magnetized by the collective imprint through Gaia. I had cancer twice, it opened me to new heights in my work and provided insight I never believed possible in order for me to work at new levels with my clients.  The cyst gave me the awareness I needed to see how I created all of it and if I created it, I could heal it.

    It’s time for “self-care” my friends, it’s all about you. Health issues will keep reoccurring until you take action by making yourself a priority. The more knowledge you have about how your energy body works the better you will become at navigating around these health issues and generational imprints which, will reduce your chance for illness. I hope you’ve found this information supportive to you. It’s always my intention to hold the highest vibration for expanding awareness in how our reality can be more easily navigated and healing can occur. As you can see it all starts with YOU. You are the catalyst for your own healing and the conduit for your own love. It all starts with you. Please love yourself in ALL you do, maybe now seeing you deserve the healing you really want so to kick it up a notch and activate that true DESIRE locked within and over everything / everyone else love YOU more!!!  Be the support you are seeking from others, invest in you.  You deserve it!

    Maria Deesy

    Maria is an Energy Intuitive, Ascension Guide and Wayshower working within the energetic blueprint of both Gaia and her clients to access and assist in transmuting trauma at all levels. Maria’s also able to read to solar frequencies of the cosmos and can provide insight Into the energies presenting in order to better navigate our physical experience during our Ascension. Her work supports the awakening process of humanity. Connect with Maria on the following sites: website, blog, Instagram, or twitter. Copyright©2020 MariaDeesy.com


  • How your Chakra energy could be affecting your Financial freedom

    Your chakras and your money: how your chakra energy could be affecting your Financial freedom. Too many people think yoga and money seem incompatible, but when you start to look at currency as an emotional exchange,
    as a current of energy, you can understand the direct correlation between them.

    What do you do when you feel stressed about money? Do you go to yoga? Do you meditate? If you think about the last time you had a stressful financial situation, how did you react, what did you do? Sadly, you cannot change your thoughts about money until you learn what the causes of your financial issues are. On the bright side, with reflection, yoga, and meditation, your opinions and feelings toward your money will reveal themselves and this knowledge will help you take the necessary steps towards repairing your relationship with your finances and how we face them. Understanding how your chakras directly align with your relationship to your money and finances will help you gain clear perspective into the issues that may be haunting you. Lets look at each chakra and how they each affect your financial picture.

    Root Chakra:
    The First Chakra is associated with feelings of “enough” either too much or too little. In Financial situations someone who is seeded into their first chakra, may experience a sense of greed, not because they don’t want to help others; but because they possibly live in a fear that they will run out. These people have perhaps lived a childhood of lack. Somewhere in their childhood, they vowed they would never lack anything ever again; So they have worked their entire lives building and amassing things, maybe even to the point where they are hoarding objects and money. Think extreme penny pinchers.

    Sacral Chakra:
    When your Second Chakra energy is out of sync, you can feel tired and blocked creatively. Maybe you hear someone discussing new ideas and business strategies and you say to yourself, “I wish I could come up with a million dollar idea!” Although, the second chakra is not necessarily associated with creative thinking, it is the logic and feeling behind the comment. That of which, you feel you cannot create the life you want. “Something” is blocking you from being successful in business or creating personal success.

    Solar Plexus Chakra:
    A block in your Third Chakra can hurt your financial situation because this will manifest into a pile of bills to review that you haven’t looked at. You become stuck because you just don’t want to “do” it now. You have become a procrastinator. You may be putting off paying off debt, calling for that refund you are owed, or maybe even to get a discount on a service.

    Heart Chakra:
    The Fourth Chakra is obviously associated with love, and feelings, but how does love correlate to finance? Well, it’s not love of money if that’s what you are thinking. The Anahata is the energy that allows emotional purchases to happen. For example: A woman sees an amazing pair of shoes and says, “I love these.”  She buys them even though she has six pairs just like them.

    Throat Chakra:
    The Fifth Chakra is crucial here, It’s important that you feel comfortable enough to ask for help when you are in some sort financial trouble, or even if you feel like you are going down the wrong money path. No one is perfect and admitting you have some financial sloppiness is the first step in aligning all the other chakras; as well as your financial well-being. A healthy throat chakra is signified by how openly and honestly a person expresses themselves with their truth.

    Third Eye Chakra:
    The Sixth Chakra is the energy responsible for intuition and the clear visualization of financial abundance. Spending wisely and using your money in a way to help others. People are notorious about not trusting their intuition when it comes to money matters. They read countless articles, fact check, run the figures, and then hire a “professional” just to put their trust in the hands of others. Trust your Third eye.  This is where you can manifest the things you want and need into your life.

    Crown Chakra:
    When your Seventh Chakra is balanced, you see everything clearly. You function and make decisions with a sense of neutrality; meaning you are concerned, but not attached to any single outcome.  You know you will be OK, no matter what. You learn to ultimately recognize your inner guide and allow it to show you the truth in all your financial choices.

    Learn more with Sandy on Omstars

    By Sandy Fernandez

    Sandy Fernandez is a Life Coach and Business Consultant; She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. Sandy uses her Intuitive ability collaborated with gentle Yoga sequences & Reiki to remove energetic blockages in her clients. By removing energetic blocks, her clients can live in financial freedom and create abundance in all areas of life.