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 Because ONE doesn’t mean the same. Uniformity is not COMMUNITY. And LOVE does not come with rules and borders.

Oh, the irony! 
Last Monday, I wrote about the dangers of tribalism. And now, this week the moon has been full and I’m back with an opposite message – of the powerful difference a tribe can make when we unite, for good.
You see, it all started last week when I woke up to yet more distressing images of frightened children, being torn from their parents at our border. Thousands of them. My heart hurt. 
But by the next morning, my despair was replaced with an idea. What if I put together … 
Well, within 24 hours of putting out an all-call to the community, I had more teachers volunteering to participate than there are poses in primary series! And by Saturday, I had the voices of 39 different teachers, from around the world, each leading their own small part. Only when put together, the result is anything but small! In fact, this class is a beautiful example of a tribe coming together in a powerful way – uniting our voices and practice – to create the good that we crave.
Of course, I knew there would be variances. And not just in voice, but in style and pace. I even knew that, based on when they learned the series and from who they learned it from – there would be other noticeable differences. To which, I thought – Good!
Because ONE doesn’t mean the same.
Uniformity is not COMMUNITY.
And LOVE does not come with rules and borders.
Quite frankly, you and I don’t practice yoga to build walls. Just the opposite. And yet, division – even within our own yoga community – runs deep. But not this time. Not in this class. And not for this cause. Because the bigger irony turns out to be this: In reaching out to help heal others, it becomes US we end up helping to heal.
And so I hope you will join the 39 teachers and me – along with students around the world – as we rise together, in practice. In healing. And in love.
Thank you for caring and for your generosity. And thank you to the teachers below, for being our guiding, shining light.
For the children.
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By Peg Mulqueen

Peg Mulqueen is the founder of Ashtanga Dispatch, a global and inclusive community, bringing together teachers and students devoted to the eight-limbed practice of yoga.
Peg Mulqueen from Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch

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