Do More Yoga. Do More Good.

Being a yogi is about so much more than meditating and practicing asana. Yoga is a way of life, and as students of this sacred practice, it is our duty is to give back to our communities in a meaningful way. Here at OMstars – The Yoga Network, we make giving back easy by hosting challenges that not only give you the opportunity to practice yoga, but to contribute to meaningful causes that help make our world a better place.

So far, we’ve hosted three charity challenges this year, including the #FlyLikeAYogi challenge which supported RAINN, the #ActualizeYogaChallenge which supported the Trini Foundation, and now the #ArmUpForAnimals challenge supporting Animal Hope & Wellness.

Our newest challenge has officially begun and over the next 10 days, for every person who joins in (Pssst, it’s free!), our incredible sponsor, Canna-Pet, will be donating one supply of supplements to help animals in need at the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.

We love this incredible organization because they are 100% dedicated to rescuing abused and neglected animals, providing them full rehabilitation services and working to find new, loving homes for each of the animals they take in.

From shelter animals and strays to beaten, abused and neglected pets, there’s no limit to what sort of situation they’re willing to rescue animals from. They even rescue dogs from the horrors of Asian Dog Meat Trade (can you believe it’s not even illegal??).

With this challenge, our goal is to help thousands of abused pets get the care they need, so they can finally find their way to the loving homes they deserve. So sign up and join the challenge May 1st through May 10th, to practice some yoga, and save some puppies.

We’ll see you on the mat!

By Alex Wilson

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