Smile more. Sulk less.

Smile more. Sulk less. Trust more. Question less. Surrender more. Fight less. Shine more. Hide less. Do more. Try less. Love more. Hate less. 

It struck me today that I’ve been feeling a bit in limbo lately. I simultaneously realized how busy I am at home and how much I thrive on doing things I love. It doesn’t come from a need to prove anything, it comes from pure joy. I love to film so much so that when my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday (it’s not my birthday yet but I will be soon) I told him that I always like to be photographed or filmed. I always have, ever since I was a little girl. All you have to do to get me in a good mood is point a camera at me. I guess I like the attention, but I also just love the energy of it, the idea of creating something fun and real.

Yes, I’m filming an episode of the Global Yogi in Copenhagen for @omstarsofficialIt’s going to be epic. Check my Instagram stories for a preview and sign up for Omstars to share the journey with me.

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