Weekly Pose Tutorial: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is one of the most traditional backbends. You’ll find this pose in every traditional yoga style.

As you do Dhanurasana, you should feel energy rising through the center channel of your body. The pose strengthens and hones the muscles in your back and purifies your digestive system.

Backbends are therapeutic for minor depression because as you move into position you get in touch with vital emotions and hopefully make peace with them. This pose can help to tune your mind and spirit to the deeper meaning of life.

Dhanurasana is found in the Ashtanga Second Series. You need to have a solid foundational practice in order to integrate this pose into your daily yoga routine.

When you do Dhanurasana you’re lifting your whole body off the ground. The idea is to think about your body creating a circular motion energetically. To do this you have to create space in the spine. As you create more space you can go deeper into the pose.

To get into Bow Pose lay on your stomach. Gently bend your knees so your heels go toward your buttocks.

Reach back and grab your ankles.

Inhale and lift up.

Draw the belly in and keep your knees as close together as you can.

Pressure your iliac crests into the ground. Roll your shoulders forward.

Breathe from your diaphragm but keep the breath in your lungs. You need to feel stable and rooted down in the pose.

For more details watch this video from Kino.

By Omstars