Shine Bright with us at OMstars 

If you’ve spent any significant time practicing yoga, you’ve probably experienced the tremendous benefits that the practice has on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. When your inner light is feeling dull, or muted, diving into the yoga practice is usually the best remedy. And the more you practice, the brighter that light inside of you begins to shine.

At the heart of every sentient being is the light of spirit. Called Puruṣa in Sanskrit, it means that each of us has the potential to shine like a star with the luminosity of the spirit within us. You could even say that yogis shine like the stars that they really are. Tapas, literally translated as heat or fire, purifies the body and mind by kindling the inner light. Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra 2.43 states that after many years of disciplined practice the body glows with an inner light.

While we all know that practicing yoga comes with a host of mental, physical and spiritual benefits, but did you know that when you practice with us on OMStars — the Yoga Network — you can explore all the aspects of the yoga practice? There are classes and course to keep you inspired and practicing daily, and we encourage accountability with our incentive system that’s designed to reward you for time spent immersing yourself into the yogi life via

Here’s how it works:

We track all practice hours accumulated with us online which allow to you earn points.
For every moment that you spend practicing, meditating and immersing yourself in practice and study focused content, you earn points. The points you earn determine your “level” as an OMstars practitioner. The more time you spend taking in content from our yoga channel, the more points you earn, and the higher your level becomes.

Point levels are named after the order of brightness in a star system, going from Gamma, to Delta, to Beta, and finally to Alpha. The more practice hours you put in, the brighter you shine – both symbolically and physiologically.

We know that our point system can’t track every hour you’ve been practicing so we don’t judge. Once you collect your points you can redeem them in the shop or donate them to charity. You can literally practice yoga and change your world!

So the next time you feel your shine is starting to dull, dive into your practice with our yoga channel. We hope that our content makes you feel inspired to keep practicing yoga every day, and that you’ll choose to make your go to online yoga platform for all things yoga related!

by Alex Wilson

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