Vegan Caesar Salad

If you haven’t seen Natalie Prigoone’s series, The Great Uncooking, on OMstars – The Yoga Network, you are missing out. Luckily, Natalie shares a few amazing recipes on her own blog from time to time so that we can get a taste of the many new things she’s been cooking up. Give this Vegan Caesar salad a try, plus check out more amazing recipes by Natalie on, or check out her cookbook in the OMstars shop!

This clever adaptation of a traditional Caesar dressing is actually quite close in flavour.
Cashews replace the egg yolk and olive oil used in the traditional Caesar mayonnaise. Miso paste replaces the salty anchovies, and I’ve kept the flavours of lemon, garlic, and Dijon mustard.

1 cup of soaked cashews (5hours)
1 tbs miso paste
2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 lemon juiced
2 cloves garlic
Splash of Tabasco
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
3/4 cup water

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. Add the water last.

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This makes quite a lot of dressing so you can store the leftovers in the fridge and it use over the next feed days.

Salad ingredients
1 baby cos lettuce
1/2 loaf of Turkish bread
1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 small clove garlic
Salt and pepper

Slice Turkish bread (cross ways) thinly. About 0.5cm or thinner. Brush with olive oil and rub with garlic clove. Alternatively you can finely chop the garlic and place into the oil to flavour it.
Bake or grill the bread until golden and crunchy. About 15 minutes. If you’re short on time you can pan fry the bread for a similar result.

Tear up lettuce leaves by hand and scatter in a bowl. Do not cut the lettuce as it makes it go brown. Drizzle on the dressing and sprinkle lightly crushed croutons. Serve chilled.

Tip: You could also try adding coconut bacon or vegan cheese, but I think this is pretty good as is.

By Natalie Prigoone

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