Why Drishti is the Key to Achieving Mind-Body Connection in Yoga

If you’ve ever practiced Ashtanga, you will have heard of the Tristana method. This refers to three important things that we must be aware during our practice: ujjayi pranayama (breath with sound), bandhas (energy locks or seals), and drishti (gazing point). Last week we took a closer look at ujjayi breath. Today we’ll examine the drishti and why it is an important part of the practice.

What is drishti?

Drishti, a Sanskrit word meaning “gaze” or “sight,” is an integral part of the yoga practice. It refers to the focused gaze that directs our attention and cultivates mindfulness during yoga asanas (poses) and meditation. Drishti acts as a point of focus, helping to calm the mind, deepen the practice, and enhance overall concentration.

In yoga, each asana has a specific drishti that is intended to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. For example, in warrior I pose, the drishti is directed towards the hands, symbolizing focus and strength. Similarly, in tree pose, the drishti is on a fixed point in front, aiding in balance and stability.

When you practice the Ashtanga method, the drishti for each pose is essential. Focusing on having a calm yogic gaze as you flow through the postures adds to the meditative sense of the practice.

Benefits of using a drishti during practice

Enhances Concentration

By fixing our gaze on a specific point, drishti helps to steady the mind and eliminate distractions and gives us a tool for withdrawal from the world. It brings our attention inward, allowing us to connect with our breath and body more deeply. This heightened concentration allows for a more focused and present practice.

Deepens Body Awareness

Drishti helps to cultivate body awareness by directing our attention to specific parts of the body. By focusing on these points, we can better align our posture, activate the right muscles, and prevent injuries. It also allows us to explore the subtle sensations within the body, enhancing our overall mind-body connection.

Promotes Mindfulness

Drishti is a powerful tool for cultivating mindfulness in our yoga practice. By directing our gaze and attention, we become fully present in the moment, observing our thoughts and sensations without judgment. This mindfulness practice extends beyond the mat and can profoundly impact our daily lives, helping us stay grounded and centered in all situations.

Develops Inner Strength

Drishti encourages inner strength and resilience. By focusing our gaze on a fixed point, we learn to overcome distractions and challenges both on and off the mat. This practice builds mental fortitude and the ability to stay focused and calm in the face of adversity.

Now that you understand the importance of drishti in your yoga practice let’s explore how to incorporate it into your daily routine:

Points to remember

Each yoga pose has a specific drishti point. Take the time to understand and learn these points for different asanas.

Soft Gaze

When practicing drishti, it is important to maintain a soft gaze. Avoid straining your eyes or fixating too intensely on the point. Instead, allow your gaze to be relaxed and gentle, while still maintaining focus.


As you hold your drishti, remember to maintain a steady breath. The breath acts as an anchor, helping to deepen your focus and connection to the present moment.
Let go of distractions: As you meditate, distractions may arise in the form of thoughts, sounds, or bodily sensations. Use your drishti as an anchor to bring your attention back to the present moment whenever you notice your mind wandering. By focusing on your chosen point, you can train your mind to stay centered and focused.

Stay present

During practice, you may experience different thoughts, emotions, or sensations. Instead of getting caught up in them, use your drishti to observe them without judgment. Allow your gaze to remain steady and your awareness to expand, taking in everything that arises in your field of perception.

The importance of a drishti in your yoga practice cannot be overstated. It not only helps to improve your physical alignment and stability but also enhances your mental focus and concentration. By using a drishti, you can train your mind to stay centered and present, allowing you to experience a deeper connection to your body and the present moment.

So next time you step onto your yoga mat, remember to incorporate a drishti into your practice. Experiment with different focal points and find what works best for you. Allow your gaze to be soft and gentle, and let your breath guide your focus. Embrace the power of a drishti and watch as it transforms your yoga practice into a truly transformative experience.

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Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash