How to Navigate Your Emotional Highs and Lows

Put these simple techniques into action and watch the results. You’ll be amazed at how the emotional rollercoaster ride you’re on with the highs and lows shifts into a steady flow bringing in balance, harmony, and a greater sense of wellbeing into your life experience.

Do you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster these days? Does it feel like every day is a new adventure emotionally? One minute we feel happy, ready to tackle anything coming our way, and in the next minute, we feel angry and defeated perceiving that nothing ever goes right? Believe it or not much of this is created through our sleep process. It all starts with how we get out of bed in the morning.

How we wake up from sleep is how we set the emotional energy for our day. If we get out of bed and we’re feeling happy to be alive, happy to start another day, happy for what awaits us our day can be off to a good start without us having to give it much effort because we seem like we’re already there. We automatically think “It’s going to be a good day!” because it simply feels that way. In the same way, we could wake up in the morning feeling the complete opposite, angry, frustrated, exhausted like a truck ran us over while we slept which then makes us feel like the day may not turn out so good simply because we woke up differently than the day before when we felt as though the world was our oyster and only good things were on the horizon.

If we’re experiencing this rollercoaster of emotions repeatedly, we may feel like we are emotionally imbalanced and perceive that as our state of being, possibly also perceiving there may be something wrong with us like bipolar disorder etc., however, if we take a moment to reflect on our bedtime preparation the answer to resolving this experience may be easier than we think. Navigating these emotional highs and lows may be as simple as becoming more aware of the experience/practice we are creating for ourselves when heading into a sleep state as well as how we are entering our waking process.

When we lay down to sleep, we’re laying down with all of the experiences we’ve had throughout our day still fresh on our mind. We may even be tossing around the experiences we had a few days, weeks, or months ago creating a monkey mind that just doesn’t stop like a snowball tossed downhill rolling faster, picking up momentum gathering more snow increasing in size so big it’s impossible to stop. Our thoughts are the same way, they don’t stop or slow until we stop or slow them. If we’re not paying attention to them, especially at bedtime, we will create the snowball effect and they will consistently grow, becoming unmanageable, which is how we experience a monkey mind. If we want to experience a more balanced life we must exit the roller coaster of emotions by doing a better job of being conscious by making it a practice to manage our thoughts. If we are not conscious of what we are taking into sleep state that energy will continue to manifest through our dream state, morphing into some new feeling that we will be holding in our energy field/body upon waking. If we go to sleep with good thoughts, chances are we will wake feeling good and in the same light, if we went to sleep with a problem or negative thought, we will wake with that same feeling amplified due to the way our mind will use that emotional energy in dream state and we’ll wake up feeling emotionally out of balance or defeated before we even start our day.

How do we counter this so we can ensure waking up in a higher happier vibrational state in which to start the creation of our day? It’s simple, we start by taking control of our sleep process. We become conscious of our thoughts as we get into bed and begin to discharge the day with gentle breaths in and out focusing on our heart center. As we begin to feel relaxed, we can ask that “the momentum of our thoughts slow” so we can enter sleep state. This is an Abraham Hicks tool I’ve used for years. Once we start to feel our thoughts slowing, we can decide if we need to repeat that request or move on to asking to “be on our highest timeline” available to us in this moment to create the experience we desire from our highest place within us. We must remember we are the creator of our reality, if that is our truth, we can shift into higher co-creative states of being and clear the lower discordant energies through dream state. Dream state is where most of our soul’s work is done.

Next, we ask for all new realities upon waking, this ensures that we are exiting out of the experience from the day we just had and requesting a new experience that is higher in vibrational alignment than the day we are transitioning from. Will this happen overnight? It can, however, believing we can shift our reality / emotional state by simply realigning our personal vibration takes a bit of practice like playing an instrument or learning to drive a car etc. Practicing this at sleep time will greatly reduce the amount of rollercoaster-like emotional highs and lows we may have since it’s all based on how we are entering sleep state as well as how we are waking in the morning.

Another practice I love is keeping an unlined journal nearby in case we lay down to sleep, run through the process outlined above, and still can’t slow our mind. In this case, I recommend getting up and opening your journal and either start writing about what you still haven’t been able to let go of or doodling. Why is this important? The minute we put the pen to the paper the mind has relaxed, and in most cases, we can’t find anything to write about so just doodle a flower, geometric patterns, the sun and moon, anything that comes to mind in that moment. A few pen strokes and it’s over. Why unlined paper? Unlined paper takes us out of the 3D linear thinking mind and brings us right to non-linear 5D where our creator states of consciousness exist. This is always my go-to when nothing else works, then I close my journal, go back to slowing my breath, focusing on my heart, asking the momentum of my thoughts to slow, and so on.

How we wake up is just as important as how we go to sleep. A good practice for creating balance and harmony to avoid the emotional highs and lows is to let yourself slowly wake up from your dream state. This means when we begin to realize we’re waking up we stay in bed letting ourselves fully come back into complete awareness before we open our eyes and jump out of bed. This is very important to our emotional state of being since during the night we are receiving many different energies from the cosmos (Great Central Sun) through our energy body that may need to fully integrate as these light frequencies upgrade our DNA, which we then need to adjust to. Therefore, some days we can wake up and feel dizzy, have vertigo, feel slightly nauseous, have eye / third eye pressure, migraines, neck, and shoulder aches and so much more. These light frequencies have become more consistent over the last few years as we are all going through our physical ascension. All of this is a contributing factor to how we are waking up. The more we know, and the more consistently conscious we are the better job we will do in navigating our highs and lows.

Having a good practice at sleep time and waking state is the key to balancing the emotional rollercoaster bring us back to a self-empowered state of being where we are creating the reality, we desire merely by being present and showing up for ourselves in ways that can change our perception of not only the world around us but ourselves as well. Put these simple techniques into action and watch the results. You’ll be amazed at how the emotional rollercoaster ride you’re on with the highs and lows shifts into a steady flow bringing in balance, harmony, and a greater sense of wellbeing into your life experience.

By Maria Deesy

Maria is an Energy Intuitive, Ascension Guide, and Wayshower working within the energetic blueprint of both Gaia and her clients to access and assist in transmuting trauma at all levels. Maria’s also able to read to solar frequencies of the cosmos and can provide insight Into the energies presenting in order to better navigate our physical experience during our Ascension. Her work supports the awakening process of humanity. Connect with Maria on the following sites: website, blog, Instagram, or Twitter. Copyright©2020

Photo by Anastasia Petrova on Unsplash