Prehab for Yoga with Dr. Jacob

Imagine how much easier it would be to practice yoga if you had the tools needed to help you recover quickly from injury, and prevent future injuries from occurring. Now, you do!  Introducing Prehab for Yoga! This is a brand-new yoga course, created by Dr. Jacob, and it’s only available on

What is Prehab for Yoga?

Prehab For Yoga is a specialized course that is specifically designed to help yoga practitioners find pain relief, recover from injury, and prevent future injuries from occurring. With this course, Dr. Jacob will walk you through several techniques that will help you manage pain whether it’s related to tension or injury. By practicing these techniques, you will find reduced pain, better mobility, and a more comfortable yoga practice.

Who is Dr. Jacob?

Dr. Jacob Harden is Chiropractor in Orlando, Florida. Together, he and his wife own a chiropractic practice called Myodetox and their mission to help yoga students and athletes “future proof” their bodies by learning to practice safely and prevent injury. With his new course, you’ll learn how to assess your body’s posture, range of motion and structure so you can tailor your yoga practice and prehab plan to fit your individual needs.

With Dr. Jacob’s help, you can learn to do what’s best for your body every day, but you’ll only find this course on Start future proofing your body and your yoga practice when you join today!

Plus, access a complete library of yoga classes, guided meditations, health and wellness tips, recipes, and yoga culture, all available online at Sign up today!

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