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10 Steps To Living The Sweet Simple V...


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 44 seconds


    Join Jasmine Briones for a full series that’s all about how simple it is to go vegan! This series includes, recipes, ... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Jasmine

    Duration: 1 minute, 58 seconds

    Meet Jasmine

    Get to know Jasmine Briones, cofounder of, why she became a vegan, and how she approaches living... More

  • thumbnail image for Batch Cook and Prepare For the Future

    Duration: 10 minutes, 21 seconds

    Batch Cook and Prepare For the Future

    Batch cooking can make life easier for anyone who feels that they don’t have time to cook every day. This episode inc... More

  • thumbnail image for Breakfast Simplified

    Duration: 10 minutes, 19 seconds

    Breakfast Simplified

    This episode offers to amazing breakfast options – one for people who don’t have a lot of time in the mornings, and o... More

  • thumbnail image for Cooking Without Oil

    Duration: 7 minutes, 45 seconds

    Cooking Without Oil

    Contrary to what we often hear, Oil isn’t actually a necessary component of a healthy diet, so today, Jasmine will be... More

  • thumbnail image for Focus On Whole Plant Food

    Duration: 11 minutes, 14 seconds

    Focus On Whole Plant Food

    "Today, Jasmine is talking about the importance of eating whole foods. Learn how to make Jasmine’s homemade Vegan Mea... More

  • thumbnail image for Remember To Eat Your Greens

    Duration: 8 minutes, 49 seconds

    Remember To Eat Your Greens

    Today is all about greens! Learn 2 simple ways to eat greens, with these tips from Jasmine! What you will need: 1 hea... More

  • thumbnail image for Simplify Your Lunch and Dinner

    Duration: 5 minutes, 51 seconds

    Simplify Your Lunch and Dinner

    An easy way to make a quick lunch and dinner is to just make wraps and tacos. In this episode, Jasmine will show you ... More

  • thumbnail image for Spice Things Up

    Duration: 6 minutes, 16 seconds

    Spice Things Up

    Join Jasmine for an episode that’s all about spicing thing’s up! Plus, learn how to make 2 recipes using herbs and sp... More

  • thumbnail image for Sweetening Food Naturally

    Duration: 9 minutes, 1 second

    Sweetening Food Naturally

    With this episode, Jasmine will be talking about how to avoid refined sugar (SPOILER ALERT: It’s not even really vega... More

  • thumbnail image for Veganize Your Past Favorites

    Duration: 9 minutes, 38 seconds

    Veganize Your Past Favorites

    In this episode, Jasmine Briones will be talking about how to veganize some of your non-vegan favorite foods, and sho... More

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