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Ashtanga Yoga Inside and Out: Intermediate Series

An approachable guide to the intermediate series

with David Swenson

All this for only


Advanced pose breakdowns

Pose modifications

Guided intermediate series practice

Detailed demonstrations

Course Overview

Your Complete Guide to the Intermediate Series

David Swenson breaks down the intermediate series into bite-sized pieces to make it easier for you to digest. Take a close look at each posture in the series and understand alignment and muscle engagement. Learn how to traditionally enter and exit each pose and get accessible alternatives. David gives you modifications for postures and teaches you how to work with your body and not against it, making the intermediate series approachable to all yoga students. This class will give you the foundation you need to add the intermediate series to your practice.

Why you should take this program

Individual pose breakdowns

Posture modifications

Alignment tips

Avoid common mistakes

Build a sustainable practice

Guided intermediate series practice

Learn from an expert

Understand the intermediate series

Level up your practice

This Program Includes: 

12 hours of instruction

Detailed demonstrations

Instruction from David Swenson

Traditionally led practices

Program Overview

Individual pose breakdowns

Guided full intermediate series class

Shortened intermediate series class

Guided half primary & half intermediate class