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60 Second Tutorials with Kino MacGregor

  • thumbnail image for Upavistha Konasana - Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

    Duration: 47 seconds

    Upavistha Konasana - Wide Angle Seate...

    Pivot from your pubic bone. If you can’t reach your feet, hold on to your shins, then exhale and slowly pivot forward... More

  • thumbnail image for Vajrasana - Thunderbolt Pose

    Duration: 38 seconds

    Vajrasana - Thunderbolt Pose

    Learn how to practice the thunderbolt pose in less than 60 second through this quick tutorial with Kino. Keep in mind... More

  • thumbnail image for Standing Splits

    Duration: 37 seconds

    Standing Splits

    To come into standing split, take an exhale to fold forward, then lift slightly and shift your weight into your right... More

  • thumbnail image for Purvottanasana - Reverse Plank

    Duration: 41 seconds

    Purvottanasana - Reverse Plank

    Lift yourself up into a strong reverse plank when you follow along with these quick tips from Kino. This tutorial is ... More

  • thumbnail image for Utthita Parsvakonasana - Extended Side Angle

    Duration: 53 seconds

    Utthita Parsvakonasana - Extended Sid...

    To make your way into the extended side angle pose, turn the right hip into external rotation. Bend the right knee ov... More

  • thumbnail image for Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana - Compass Pose

    Duration: 36 seconds

    Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana - Compass ...

    Follow along with Kino for this 60 second tutorial to learn make your way into compass pose. This tutorial will walk ... More

  • thumbnail image for Dhanurasana - Bow Pose

    Duration: 36 seconds

    Dhanurasana - Bow Pose

    To come into the bow pose, begin by lay ing flat on your belly, bending at the knees. Lift the ribs away from the hip... More

  • thumbnail image for Bakasana - Crow Pose

    Duration: 32 seconds

    Bakasana - Crow Pose

    Follow along with Kino for this brief tutorial that will teach you how to come into and out of the crane pose, aka Ba... More

  • thumbnail image for Baddha Konasana - Bound Angle Pose

    Duration: 46 seconds

    Baddha Konasana - Bound Angle Pose

    Learn the mechanics of Baddha Konasana with Kinoin less than 60 seconds with his brief tutorial.This tutorial covers ... More

  • thumbnail image for Jump Through

    Duration: 1 minute

    Jump Through

    Learn how to jump through from downward facing dog with Kino. This 60 second tutorial offers 3 options for jumping th... More

  • thumbnail image for Navasana - Boat Pose

    Duration: 51 seconds

    Navasana - Boat Pose

    Practice Navasana – boat pose – with Kino by coming to a comfortable seated position. Point your feet and squeeze you... More

  • thumbnail image for Sirsasana - Headstand

    Duration: 1 minute

    Sirsasana - Headstand

    Strong shoulders are the key to Sirsasana – the headstand pose. Learn how to make your way into this inversion when y... More

  • thumbnail image for Pincha Mayurasana - Forearm Stand

    Duration: 1 minute

    Pincha Mayurasana - Forearm Stand

    Join Kino for a 60 second tutorial that’s all about Pincha Mayurasana. This tutorial will teach you how to get in and... More

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