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Arm Balance Basics:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 37 seconds


    It’s called arm balance basics, but that doesn’t mean the classes are basic! In this course, you will be working with... More

  • thumbnail image for Intro

    Duration: 3 minutes, 36 seconds


    In this course, you will be working with some of the Basic Arm Balances from the Ashtanga Yoga Method. These classes ... More

  • thumbnail image for Bakasana

    Duration: 26 minutes, 23 seconds


    This class is all about Bakasana, the crane pose! With this practice you’ll work on building strength and flexibility... More

  • thumbnail image for Mayurasana

    Duration: 20 minutes, 23 seconds


    Get ready for a little more challenge! This class is focused on the peacock pose – Mayurasana. This class will help y... More

  • thumbnail image for Vashistasana

    Duration: 21 minutes, 2 seconds


    Today’s class is focused on preparing for Vashistasana, aka the side plank pose. Work on building strength and creati... More

  • thumbnail image for Galavasana

    Duration: 21 minutes, 58 seconds


    One of the most challenging arm balances in the Ashtanga Yoga 3rd series is Galavasana. In this class, you will work ... More

  • thumbnail image for Brahmacharyasana

    Duration: 20 minutes, 34 seconds


    This class is all about the L-Sit, or Brahmacharyasana. This posture is the perfect balance between strength and flex... More

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