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Arm Balance with Strength and Grace

  • thumbnail image for Trailer / Intro

    Duration: 50 seconds

    Trailer / Intro

    Watch this brief introductory video to learn what this Arm Balancing course is all about, plus how to use it. More

  • thumbnail image for Chaturanga Dandasana

    Duration: 4 minutes, 47 seconds

    Chaturanga Dandasana

    Join Laruga for a 5-minute tutorial that will lead you through several rounds of Chaturanga Dandasana. This staple po... More

  • thumbnail image for Bhuja Pidasana

    Duration: 7 minutes, 5 seconds

    Bhuja Pidasana

    In this tutorial, Laruga will teach you few options for entering and exiting Bhujapidasana. You’ll also get tips for ... More

  • thumbnail image for Bakasana

    Duration: 8 minutes, 42 seconds


    Learn how to come into this arm balance as Laurga guides you through Bakasana A and B for two different entries into ... More

  • thumbnail image for Pincha Mayurasana

    Duration: 9 minutes, 34 seconds

    Pincha Mayurasana

    In tutorial, you will learn all about Pincha Mayurasana. Tune in as Laruga goes over what level of strength and flexi... More

  • thumbnail image for Karandavasana

    Duration: 8 minutes, 16 seconds


    Join Laruga for a tutorial that is all about Karandavasana. In this episode, Laruga will discuss and demonstrate the ... More

  • thumbnail image for Headstand

    Duration: 6 minutes, 19 seconds


    This is a tutorial that’s all about Sirsanana, aka, headstand. In this tutorial, Laruga will demonstrate the postures... More

  • thumbnail image for Urdhva Kukkutasana

    Duration: 3 minutes, 27 seconds

    Urdhva Kukkutasana

    Learn how to practice Urdhva Kukutasana with Laruga. In this Tutorial, Laruga offers recommendations for before pract... More

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