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Be Strong Yoga Challenge

Vinyasa - 15 Lessons

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Be Strong Yoga Challenge Trailer

1 minute, 1 second


5 minutes, 52 seconds

The Foundation of Strength - Han...

22 minutes,

Get into the Core - Navasana, Ho...

21 minutes, 38 seconds

It's All About the Plank

20 minutes, 38 seconds

Push From Your Shoulders - Chatu...

20 minutes, 56 seconds

The Dolphin Lover - Forearm Stre...

19 minutes, 42 seconds

The Razor's Edge - Side Plank

15 minutes, 19 seconds

L-Sit Forever! Integrating Stren...

15 minutes, 37 seconds

Straddle Ups - Core and Shoulder...

14 minutes, 58 seconds

Be a Frog and Jump into Tucks

18 minutes, 12 seconds

Blocks and Socks - Jumping Back ...

26 minutes, 6 seconds

Quest for the Press

21 minutes, 45 seconds

Twist, Don't Shout - Parsva Baka...

33 minutes, 43 seconds

Strong Steady Mind - Meditation

11 minutes, 43 seconds

Be Strong Yoga Challenge

The decision to be strong is a statement of self-worth. When you decide you’re worth it, you also decide that you’re willing to put in the work to be strong. It’s a shift in the heart that says, 'Yes I’m good enough.' Join this challenge and expect to be, well... challenged! Strength is hard work and building strength takes time, patience, and determination. The lesson of strength took me years to integrate in body, mind, and soul. I designed this challenge so that you can learn all the tools I learned on my journey and safely progress deeper in your practice. It doesn’t matter if you get it right on the first try. In fact, you should expect to fail and then slowly build up from there. Learning how to be happy with failure is one of the lessons of strength. If you need to get it perfectly on the first try, then you’re in a competition. We are here to learn and grow, not to compete with ourselves or anyone else. It only matters that you try and learn from your experience. These 13 classes build you up from the basics and take you all the way to the peaks of the strength. This journey has taken Kino over 20 years, so be patient with yourself as you commit to the process.

Kino MacGregor


All Levels

Lesson Count:
15 lessons

Total Duration:
4 hours, 29 minutes, 19 seconds


Course Created On:
October 31st, 2019

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