Becoming Balance with Daniel Rama

Learn to find balance in one of yoga’s most popular poses – the handstand – when you join International Yoga & Hand Balancing teacher, Daniel Rama, for his new course, Becoming Balance. This 4-part series of classes gives you the opportunity to move through and understand the foundational work of a functional handstand practice. In each class with Daniel you’ll observe and experience basic principles like alignment and activation, entry technique, plus, wrist and shoulder strength, each step of the way helping you improve your confidence in balancing on your hands. You’ll even have the chance to move through a handstand flow that will help you really put these techniques to work. By the end of this series, you will have a better understanding for how to create more balance for a steadier, more stable handstand practice. Want access to this course? Unlock this series, plus 1000s of classes that will help you explore your yoga practice in new and exciting ways when you join today!

Screenshot of course