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Beginner For All Series

Accessible Yoga - 5 Lessons

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Beginner For All Series Trailer

1 minute, 2 seconds

Building Strength to Reconnect w...

19 minutes, 41 seconds

Core Awareness

23 minutes, 47 seconds

Introduction to Balancing Postur...

24 minutes, 30 seconds

Rest & Relax with Joyful Movemen...

21 minutes, 6 seconds

Beginner For All Series

Dianne Bondy is back with a beginner series for ALL. This course is for those who have felt nervous or intimidated about getting on the mat. Dianne will show you how to adapt the practice to fit your body using props and your own ingenuity. Beginners For All is a four part series where we explore seated poses, standing poses, reclining poses and hip openers. We’ll also explore what it's like to slow down and just relax at the end of practice. Have you ever felt intimidated by the pictures of bendy, flexy bodies doing acrobatic postures that we see online? This course will be the antidote! Join Dianne for everyday poses that you can use to move through the world… This is functional yoga at its best!

Dianne Bondy

Accessible Yoga


Lesson Count:
5 lessons

Total Duration:
1 hour, 30 minutes, 9 seconds


Course Created On:
March 11th, 2020

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