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Beginner Yoga

Vinyasa - 20 Lessons

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Day 1: Sun Salutations, Ignite t...

30 minutes, 41 seconds

Day 2: Spiritual Power Flow - Wa...

27 minutes, 29 seconds

Day 3: Inward Flow, Shoulders an...

25 minutes, 47 seconds

Day 4: The Seat of Balance - Dan...

26 minutes, 6 seconds

Day 5: Steady and Strong - Core ...

27 minutes, 41 seconds

Day 6: Backbending - The Tiger W...

34 minutes,

Day 7: Detox Flow - Twist It Out

26 minutes, 33 seconds

Day 8: Core Power - Lift Up Like...

31 minutes, 9 seconds

Day 9: Ease Your Way Into Forwar...

25 minutes, 20 seconds

Day 10: Go Peacefully Deeper — F...

29 minutes, 38 seconds

Day 11: Invert Your World — Head...

30 minutes, 34 seconds

Day 12: Hip & Hamstrings for Eve...

31 minutes, 52 seconds

Day 13: Enter the Inner Body — B...

34 minutes, 6 seconds

Day 14: Meditation and Relaxation

8 minutes, 31 seconds

Flexibility Bonus 1: Relax the H...

17 minutes, 10 seconds

Flexibility Bonus 2: Relax the B...

12 minutes, 37 seconds

Strength Bonus 1: Killer Abs & C...

14 minutes, 3 seconds

Strength Bonus 2: Arms, Shoulder...

15 minutes, 8 seconds

Interview with Kino

18 minutes, 22 seconds

Interview with Kerri

5 minutes, 37 seconds

Course InfoComments

Beginner Yoga

Yoga has the power to unlock the hidden potential in your body and mind. Join the practice today and watch your whole life transform. With regular practice your body will be stronger and more flexible, you will have increased energy and your mind will become calm. Yoga is a path to inner peace. You don’t need to be naturally flexible to get the inner benefits of yoga. This is the perfect place to begin your yoga journey. We have designed this course with 14 full length practice sessions and 4 bonus sessions that cover strength, flexibility, meditation, breathing and everything you need to truly Begin Yoga. We are honored that you have chosen us to be your guides into the inner tradition of yoga. Enjoy your practice!

Kino MacGregor



Lesson Count:
20 lessons

Total Duration:
7 hours, 52 minutes, 34 seconds


Course Created On:
February 24th, 2017

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