Be Strong with Kino MacGregor

Strength is the cornerstone of a well-established yoga practice; but it can take years to cultivate the kind mental and physical strength needed for challenging asanas like handstand, or titibasana. Now you can fast-track your strength building practice with Kino’s new, Be Strong series, on OMstars – The Yoga Network. This 14-class course will build you up from the foundational work of strength, all the way into some of the most advanced postures of the practice. It’s packed with valuable knowledge and drills that Kino has learned and used to build her own practice over the years. Use this course to take your strength to an all new level and begin to transform your practice, and every moment of your life. Ready to get started? Unlock unlimited access to the full course, plus hundreds of other classes when you become a member. Join today and get your 1st year for only $99.

Screenshot of course