How to do Lightning Bolt Handstand

Are you looking to master the lightning bolt handstand? Look no further! In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to achieve this challenging yoga pose with confidence and grace. Learning to do a lightning bolt handstand will cause you to be stronger and more flexible and prepare you to face any challenge on and off the mat.

Benefits of Lightning Bolt Handstand

The lightning bolt handstand offers a multitude of benefits for both the mind and body. This invigorating pose strengthens your upper body, core, and arms while also improving balance and focus. Additionally, practicing the lightning bolt handstand can boost your confidence and help you overcome fear and self-doubt.


While the lightning bolt handstand can be a powerful and transformative pose, it is important to be aware of any contraindications before attempting it. This pose is not recommended for individuals with wrist or shoulder injuries, high blood pressure, or any conditions that may be aggravated by inversions. It is always advisable to consult with a qualified yoga teacher or healthcare professional before attempting any new poses, especially if you have any pre-existing health concerns.

How to do Lightning Bolt Handstand

To perform the lightning bolt handstand, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Begin in a downward-facing dog pose, with your hands shoulder-width apart and your feet hip-width apart.

Walk your feet towards your hands, keeping your legs straight, until your hips are stacked directly above your shoulders.

Engage your core and shift your weight forward, bringing your shoulders over your wrists.

Slowly lift one leg off the ground, extending it towards the ceiling.

As you continue to lift your leg, press firmly into your hands and engage your core to lift your other leg off the ground. Keep that leg bent with the knee moving in toward your core.

Find your balance and hold the pose for a few breaths, keeping your gaze focused between your hands.

When you’re ready to come down, lower one leg at a time back to the ground, returning to the downward-facing dog pose.

Watch this video from Kino MacGregor to learn some important drills to help make handstands easier and give you tips on the mechanics you need to know to do this pose.

Remember to practice this pose with caution and listen to your body. It may take time to build the strength and balance required for the lightning bolt handstand, so be patient and enjoy the journey.

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