How to do Reverse Warrior Pose

Reverse Warrior is a wonderful pose for improving your overall strength and flexibility. It opens the hips, chest, and shoulders while providing an energizing stretch in the legs. This pose also encourages core activation, which can help to protect your lower back from injury.

Benefits of reverse warrior

The benefits of Reverse Warrior are vast! In addition to strengthening and stretching the body, regular practice of this pose can help to improve posture and balance. It also promotes emotional well-being by releasing tension in the neck and shoulders.


While Reverse Warrior is an accessible pose for many yogis, it is important to note that those with wrist or shoulder injuries should modify the pose accordingly. Knee injuries require extra caution, as the pose requires a lot of weight on the legs.

How to do reverse warrior pose

When practicing Reverse Warrior, begin by standing in Mountain Pose at the top of your mat.

Step your left foot back 3-4 feet and turn it out slightly to an angle of 45 degrees.

Bend your right knee to a 90-degree angle while keeping the left leg straight.

Hold your arms up parallel to the floor so your left arm is pointing behind you, and your right arm is straight in front of you.

Lift and open your chest, reaching your right arm up towards the sky and your left arm down to touch your left thigh.

Gaze up at your right hand.

Keep your shoulders relaxed as you lower your left arm down along your left leg, pressing it against the outside of that thigh.

Hold the pose for five deep slow breaths. When ready, bring your torso back upright and return your feet to their original positions. Repeat on the other side.

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