Raw Vegan Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie

This was so good I think it was almost criminal. Left over chocolate has never been a problem for me. But if you’ve been wondering what to do with the little bit of left over chocolate, say  from my peanut butter protein balls, then this here, is the ticket.  A simple, healthy, protein enriched chocolate smoothie that will knock your socks off and make you want to drink both of them immediately.

Recipe for Raw Vegan Chocolate Protein shake

No cows were squeezed, no sugar was imbibed and no diet rules broken in the making of this quick breakfast to go.


• 2 cups cold filtered water

• 2 -2 1/2 frozen bananas

• 2 scoops vanilla or chocolate raw vegan protein powder (I used Sunwarrier)

• 1 tbs raw cacao powder

• 1 cup coconut yoghurt (make your own using the recipe from my course on omstars)

• Ice cubes

• 3 tbs Homemade chocolate warmed to liquid (to serve)


Blend all ingredients except the chocolate sauce. The quantity should measure 4 cups on the side of your jug. Add ice cubes to make up the difference in volume. Blend until slushy, stopping to mix with a wooden spoon. Pour a little chocolate down the sides of the mason jars for garnish but reserve most of the chocolate sauce for the top. Pour the frapped smoothies into the mason jars and drizzle on the chocolate sauce. Because the chocolate has been made with cacao butter it will harden into a nice top which you can crack off and eat.

So delicious. Seriously, stop everything and savour this smoothie to make the moment last.

By Natalie Prigoone

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