30 Day Yoga Living Challenge

30-Day Yoga Living is an all-encompassing introduction to the whole tradition of yoga, featuring a variety of teachers, styles, and approaches to the practice curated by world-renown yoga teacher Kino MacGregor. This course is designed for EVERYONE – there is no right body type, yoga pose, or style of practice, all you need to get started on this journey is a desire to do so. We want to challenge you to get started on your yoga journey with this amazing course, originally featured during our #30DayYogaLiving Challenge, during which more than 14,000 yogis participated. After embarking on this incredible 30-day journey, you will be firmly established in the tradition of yoga, with all the tools you need to support a life-long practice. Become an Omstars member today and unlock the classes offered with this course as well as 1,000 other yoga videos!Become an OmStars member today and unlock this challenge as well as 1,000 other yoga videos!

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