#ArmUpForAnimals Challenge

Did you get the chance to participate in our May Yoga Challenge – #ArmUpForAnimals – with Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) on Omstars – The Yoga Network? During this challenge, we teamed up with Animal Hope and Wellness in their mission to end the dog and cat meat slaughterhouses of the world and make dog and cat meat consumption and production illegal in the U.S. (can you believe it isn’t illegal yet?!). If you want to see how important this mission is go over to animalhopeandwellness.com and watch their videos. Thanks to the 3.5K participants who joined us for this challenge, our sponsor our Cannapet donated 3,468 bags of dog food to rescued pets in need. Want access to the 5 amazing classes offered in this course? Join Omstars today! This course is available online all the time for all Omstars Members.

4240 Yogis joined so far!

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