Free Graceful Strength Challenge

Starting August 1st we have a brand-new FREE challenge for charity that’s focused on building strong and graceful movements in your yoga practice. Hosted by best friends, Steph (@casa_colibri) & Erin (@erinkellyart), and also Kino, this 10-day challenge features 10 classes, each one taking you on a mini deep dive into a variety of the most common transitions- slowing down to build a practice that’s both strong and graceful. We’re partnering with Cool Effect to support their mission of battling climate change. For every person who participates in the challenge, OMstars and our sponsor Mika Yoga Wear, will donate $1, up to $2000, to the organization’s carbon cutting projects. Your support will help make a lasting difference for this beautiful planet, and every living organism who calls Earth, home. Join the this FREE challenge today & make sure to spread the word!

3691 Yogis joined so far!

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