Free Handstand Mechanics Challenge

Open up your mind & heart, and get ready to improve your handstand with Kino’s 14-class Handstand Mechanics course! This course was originally featured during our #HandstandMechanics challenge with Kino MacGregor. If you love handstands and want to strengthen and find stability in your handstand practice, then these classes are for you! During this challenge, we partnered up with MiiR whose mission is to empower people with access to a better future by giving 3% of their top line revenue to clean water projects. All proceeds from this challenge were donated to Splash in their effort to provide clean water to every public school in Kathmandu, Nepal and child-serving institution in Kolkata, India. We are so grateful to every person who participated and helped us give back. By the end of the challenge, we had a total of 8889 participants, and a donation of $8889 was donated to Splash for their water projects in India. If you absolutely loved this course, or you weren’t able to participate, you can access all of the classes right here- click below to get started!

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