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Alignment Intensive

Bring balance to your practice!

with Ty Landrum

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Course Overview

Bring balance to your practice

Explore the delicate interplay of steadiness and ease, both in your physical asanas and your internal awareness. Learn to cultivate this balance by harmonizing the breath's opposing forces, prana, and apana. Embrace the principles of postural alignment to bring your yoga practice to life. This is not a beginner’s intensive. Though beginners are welcome and we will all sustain a “beginner’s mind,” people who are new to the practice of yoga may find themselves overwhelmed.


What you’ll learn:

- New insights into familiar postures

- How to move with blissfully with the breath

- Pranayama and somatic visualizations

- The nuances of hatha yoga

- The meaning of the archetypal symbology around Kundalini

- How to balance prana and apana

- To turn difficulties into insight

- How to use the breath to support your backbend practice



Module One

- Alignment Lab 1: Surya Namaskar


Module Two

- Vinyasa Class

- Alignment Lab 2: Standing Postures

- Alignment Lab 3: Twists and Folds


Module Three

- Vinyasa Class 2

- First Noble Truth

- Alignment Lab 4: Backbends

- Mula Bandha: Practice and Philosophy