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Ashtanga Yoga Inside & Out

with David Swenson

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Course Overview

Demystify the ashtanga practice

Learn from a master who has practiced ashtanga since 1973 and taught thousands of students how to make the practice their own. In this program, David Swenson will break down the primary series into small, approachable pieces and give you the tools to make intelligent decisions about your practice and fill in the gaps in your ashtanga knowledge. Get the essential tools you need to make your ashtanga practice last a lifetime.


What you'll learn:

- the five elements of ashtanga
- solutions for finding time to practice
- detailed breakdowns of the postures in the primary series
- accessible alternatives to postures
- short form flows to do when youre short on time
- flows to match your energy and mood from day to day
- full led primary series
- inspirational talks to motivate you to practice
- tools to make your practice last a lifetime
- new and exciting ways to approach your practice