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Mobility Magic

Learn to Reprogram Your Nervous System

with Marie Belle Perez Rivera

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Mobility drills


Inversions & transitions

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Course Overview

The Key to Regulating Your Nervous System

Harness the power of breath and learn to positively impact your nervous system with movement. Join Marie Belle as she shares the techniques integral to reprogramming your operating system. Discover how to use breath awareness, mindful practice, and purposeful movement to alter the way you respond to external stimuli and gain a comprehensive insight into how your nervous system influences your yoga journey. Marie Belle employs a clear and concise teaching style, making even the most intricate concepts enjoyable, accessible, and easy to grasp. 

Why you should take this program

- Regulate your nervous system

- Reprogram daily responses

- Harness the power of the breath

- Learn a new approach to movement

- Get new mobility tools

- Improve hip mobility

- Loosen your shoulders

- Explore fun yoga drills

- Gain new awareness

This Program Includes: 

- 10 hours of instruction

- Knowledge of the nervous system

- Essential mobility drills

- Breathwork

Program Overview

- Mobility and the Nervous System

- Hip & Shoulder Drills

-Floating & Flying

- Shoulder, Wrist, & Hamstring Drills

- Inversions