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Elemental Sol Flow:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 1 minute, 1 second


    Poetic. Precise. Uplifting. Christi Christensen's powerful sequencing and style of teaching is in full power througho... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Cristi

    Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds

    Meet Cristi

    Driven by music and the way it touches the soul. Christi Christensen draws on her background as a dancer for inspirat... More

  • thumbnail image for Earth

    Duration: 1 hour, 1 minute, 49 seconds


    Anchor into Earth energy as you begin this class with a grounding guided visualization that moves you towards a conne... More

  • thumbnail image for Water

    Duration: 57 minutes, 43 seconds


    This practice is focused on water and the movements of your life. Continuing from what we learned in the Earth class,... More

  • thumbnail image for Fire

    Duration: 25 minutes, 17 seconds


    Move into the element of Fire, a source of power, radiance and an inner luminosity that encourages clear sight. This ... More

  • thumbnail image for Space

    Duration: 29 minutes, 44 seconds


    Create Space for surrender in this 30 minute restorative practice. If you have a bolster or a block, have them handy ... More

  • thumbnail image for Air

    Duration: 57 minutes, 58 seconds


    Join Christi for her Air Element practice, connecting your breath, movement and awareness in a beautifully scored and... More

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