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Forever Strong Yoga:


  • thumbnail image for Trailer

    Duration: 50 seconds


    Forever Strong is an 8-class course with Jacob Manning that’s designed to help your body reach its fullest potential ... More

  • thumbnail image for Meet Jacob

    Duration: 2 minutes, 43 seconds

    Meet Jacob

    Get to know a little more about Jacob and the challenging path that lead him to yoga, plus why he maintains a steady ... More

  • thumbnail image for Firm Grip

    Duration: 30 minutes, 54 seconds

    Firm Grip

    This class is all about creating strength in the hands and forearms. Join Jacob for 30 minutes of drills that will he... More

  • thumbnail image for Shoulders Strength

    Duration: 22 minutes, 20 seconds

    Shoulders Strength

    Get ready to build strong, healthy and flexible shoulders with Jacob! This is a 20-mimnute practice that focuses enti... More

  • thumbnail image for Core Blast

    Duration: 14 minutes, 44 seconds

    Core Blast

    Jacob Manning’s Core Blast class is a quick, 15-minute practice that’s designed to help you sculpt and chisel a stron... More

  • thumbnail image for Chest and Triceps

    Duration: 17 minutes, 15 seconds

    Chest and Triceps

    Join Jacob on the mat for a class that will help you focus on building strength in your chest and triceps. Learn how ... More

  • thumbnail image for Full Body Flow

    Duration: 39 minutes, 47 seconds

    Full Body Flow

    Join Jacob for a full body flow that will help you maximize your body’s strength and flexibility, combining every mus... More

  • thumbnail image for Lower Body

    Duration: 33 minutes, 1 second

    Lower Body

    In this class, Jacob will lead you through a set of drills that will help you build more strength and increase flexib... More

  • thumbnail image for Side Body

    Duration: 25 minutes, 36 seconds

    Side Body

    Use this class to help strengthen your side body as a means for protecting your lower back and creating more well-rou... More

  • thumbnail image for Back and Biceps

    Duration: 32 minutes, 21 seconds

    Back and Biceps

    A strong back is important for a strong yoga practice. In this class, Jacob will lead you through a set of yoga drill... More

  • thumbnail image for Open Up

    Duration: 29 minutes, 1 second

    Open Up

    Now that you’ve worked through each muscle group in the body, it’s time to focus more on flexibility. Use this class ... More

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