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Get Your Yoga On

Accessible Yoga - 31 Lessons

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Get Your Yoga On Trailer

1 minute,

Practice Downward Facing Dog

18 minutes, 11 seconds

Practice Plank

17 minutes, 31 seconds

Practice Upward Facing Dog

33 minutes, 44 seconds

Practice Utkatasana

22 minutes, 55 seconds

Practice Prasarita Padottanasana

24 minutes, 31 seconds

Practice Trikonasana

23 minutes, 8 seconds

Practice Bakasana

25 minutes, 6 seconds

Practice Baddha Konasana

18 minutes, 58 seconds

Practice Parsvakonasana

18 minutes,

Practice Shalabhasana

24 minutes, 42 seconds

Practice Bridge

28 minutes, 7 seconds

Practice Virabhadrasana A

22 minutes, 30 seconds

Practice Utthita Hasta Padangust...

23 minutes, 25 seconds

Practice Tree Pose

10 minutes, 35 seconds

Practice Parsvottanasana

20 minutes, 45 seconds

Practice Paschimottanasana

22 minutes, 42 seconds

Practice Janu Sirsasana A

23 minutes, 46 seconds

Practice Marichasana A

15 minutes, 31 seconds

Practice Marichasana C

15 minutes, 41 seconds

Practice Navasana

17 minutes, 1 second

Practice Purvottanasana

1 hour, 3 minutes, 26 seconds

Practice Ustrasana

24 minutes, 47 seconds

Practice Pigeon

35 minutes, 8 seconds

Practice Side Plank

22 minutes, 14 seconds

Practice Halasana

32 minutes, 16 seconds

Practice Sirsasana

26 minutes, 14 seconds

Practice Virabhadrasana B

27 minutes, 2 seconds

Practice Lolasana

24 minutes, 44 seconds

Practice Reclined Twist

24 minutes, 7 seconds

Practice Seated Position for Med...

20 minutes, 34 seconds

Course InfoComments

Get Your Yoga On

Grab your blocks, straps, chairs and bolsters and get ready to get your yoga on with Kino. This course is made up of classes that will both challenge and support you on your yoga journey. Learn to use props in ways that will help you find healthy alignment and also make you stronger. These are yoga flows that incorporate the fundamentals of yoga and are accessible to everyone!

Kino MacGregor

Accessible Yoga


Lesson Count:
31 lessons

Total Duration:
12 hours, 8 minutes, 35 seconds


Course Created On:
September 1st, 2020

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