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Allaine Stricklen

Allaine Stricklen is an accredited Master Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance and IAYT -International Association of Yoga Therapists. Allaine teaches and offers meditation sessions, workshops and Teacher Training programs all over the world including Miami. Her unique style of teaching derives from her extensive studies in many different styles of Yoga, including Iyengar Yoga. Allaine is the creator of Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, a method utilizing props to restore the body’s balance and vitality. She currently teaches at many studios in the Miami area About Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is the Yoga of non-doing and the core practice underlying the essence of all Yoga. Even those with an active dynamic practice will benefit greatly from the inner peace and deep release of this Restorative class. Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is the practice of entering into Yoga postures using an assortment of props: blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, walls, chairs, eye pillows etc. Supported and stabilized by various props, one experiences the Yoga postures as profoundly relaxing and deeply rejuvenating, invoking a natural state of healing rest, renewal and equanimity. Supported and passive Yoga postures allow the body to naturally release, letting go of held tension and stress. The results are a balanced state of being from inside out. Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is a life enhancing practice and is appropriate for anyone at any age or stage of life and in any physical condition.

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Allaine Stricklen
Gentle Therapeutics Yoga

Come try a gentler style of yoga. Allaine Stricklen has spent many years developing this rejuvenating and restorative style of practice. These classes are suitable for...