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Angelica Wilson

Angelica has been guiding bodies through space for over a decade. At 15 years old she became a dance instructor for her local studio. At age 18 she was convinced by a friend to take a yoga class and fell in love with savasana. The feeling of rest after so much movement was euphoric. Over the years she's found movement to be her escape, second home, and source of comfort. As she began teaching yoga, she found that there weren’t many teachers that looked like her but there were plenty of students that did. That realization led her to become a full time yoga instructor. Through teaching, Angelica is the representation that she wishes to see on and off the mat, to show that everyBODY can do yoga.

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Angelica Wilson
Move + Meditate

Watch the replay of Angelica's live classes offered right here on Omstars. In this series, Angelica combines uplifting vinyasa with a turning inwards yoga nidra guided...