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Daniel Rama

I was born Daniel Ryan De France. Life for me began in the same way as many. A quiet country-side town, overly protective parents, catholic school, church and more than just a pinch of mischief. I was a typical boy, beginning my typical life. Stubbornness came quite naturally to me. Regardless of the topic, I always had to find answers for myself.. A habit that would prove to be both bad and beneficial. On one occasion, after witnessing Mary Poppins take flight, I decided to test this feat.. jumping off our two-story house with a beach umbrella.. No bones were broken. Dreams however, were brought back down to reality. Towards the end of elementary school, when confronted with the prospect of receiving the Catholic sacrament of confirmation, I decided that I would needed more information before agreeing to honour a religion I knew so little about. Freshman year in high school saw me moved to the suburban Village of Waterdown, Ontario - which, at the time, was home to a compact collection of rich kids with lots of time, and seemingly very little to do.. a disaster waiting to happen. "All I want is to make enough money to buy beer and get a house with friends." - Daniel Rama at age 17 My high school years were nothing if not a party. I was more commonly found in trouble than in class. However, I always managed to maintain good grades. Apart from math; which I failed twice in grade 11. My math-teacher mom was NOT impressed. However, I would later apply myself, and upon graduation, received the award, "proficiency in mathematics", for the highest mark in the school. High school was over for me, but learning on the level I now hold in highest regard, had yet to begin... On December 16, 2013, I would suffer an injury that would change my life forever. During a powerlifting accident I managed to drop a 175-pound barbell directly onto my left foot. The impact crushed seven structurally-significant bones and tore through most connective tissues. Surgery was not an option. I still remember being told by doctors, "You will never run again", at the time, I – the 19-year-old Health, Wellness & Fitness student – felt completely devastated. After months spent in a darker place, I eventually found a new light - Yoga. With regular meditation, pranayama, self reflection and basic asanas, as well as a burning desire to better my current conditions, I soon made remarkable progress. Within six months I was able to walk without external assistance; and in less than a year, I could regularly be seen running long distances, training advanced functional movements and even dabbling in backyard gymnastics. "Richness is found in those who are simple and humble." - Sri Swami Sivananda After graduating from college with a diploma in Health, Wellness & Fitness, I decided to study yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas. It was there, in those 6-months of intense study and selfless service, that I, Daniel Ryan De France the boy from Carlisle, Ontario, became Daniel Rama, a Teacher of the Yogas. "My recovery has been a hard journey, made easier by the practice of meditation and yoga asana. I owe my mobility, and my life, to these practices. My deepest desire is to share this with others." - Daniel Rama, age 21 Present day, my primary focus is on continuing to develop my personal practice and enhance the quality of my offerings. I have a number of online programs and regularly organize specialized workshops, retreats and Yoga Teacher Training courses around the world. Click the button bellow for information on upcoming events!

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Daniel Rama
Becoming Balance

Becoming balance is a 4-part series with Daniel Rama that will help you move through and understand the foundational work of a functional handstand practice. Join Dani...