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Dr. Jacob Harden

Dr. Jacob Harden is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and movement and mobility specialist. He owns and operates his sports medicine clinic Myodetox Orlando out of Orlando, Florida and travels the country teaching his movement and rehabilitation system via his Prehab 101 seminar series. Jacob's goal is to demystify the process of pain relief and simplify the rehab process, which he has done for hundreds of thousands across the world with his social media presence. Jacob often says, "Rehab needs to be less fancy and more effective." This is at the heart of what he teaches. Simple techniques and an intense focus on the fundamentals of proper movement help him bring everyone from the weekend warrior to professional athletes back to lives of full function and high performance.

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Dr. Jacob Harden
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Prehab for Yoga

Do you have an injury you need to recover from? Or maybe you'd like to prevent any future injuries? This is prehab for yoga, and it's designed just for that!