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Elizabeth Richardson

Elizabeth is a retired dancer, active meditator and passionate yogi. She’s also a talented musician and inspiration for following one’s heart to achieve any goal or dream! Her journey into wellness didn’t come easy – as they rarely do. She recalls a period during her college years where she was over-worked, overwhelmed with stress, and unable to sleep. So much, she found she was often unfocused, disoriented, and living the life of an insomniac. Turning to meditation, a practice she learned early in life, she began to find relief. Combined with practicing pranayama and silencing her mind each night, it was as if everything began to fall into place. Along with igniting her breath, she found the moving meditation of Vinyasa Style yoga to be the missing piece that connected her history of movement and music together. Like dance, it gave her an outlet to express her creativity and release any tensions, while increasing her energy and sense of well-being. Combining her love and talent for music, movement and meditation, she was able to find herself again. And why she encourages her students to ‘let their breath be their music, and the music lead their movement.’ This mantra was her guide to self discovery, and one she openly shares with all. After three years of a dedicated practice, she watched her quality of life improve. Her fears and insecurities began to fade. She was, in her words “simply happier!” Taking her passion for yoga forward, she earned a 200hr certification in Vinyasa Power Yoga. Along with teaching at SOL Yoga, she plans to further her practice and studies introducing yoga in new ways to the community, through inspiring music and powerful movement.

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Elizabeth Richardson
Wild Flow

Wild Flow is an Omstars course featuring 4 practices with Elizabeth Richardson. This course includes 3 vinyasa-style practices of various lengths, plus on slower paced...