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Erica Mather

Erica Mather is a natural-born teacher who began teaching at age 17 and now studies pedagogy through education, learning, and leadership. She cares most about her students’ freedom, and as a result created the AdoreYour Body System for feeling free within the body, and also The Yoga Clinic, where students, teachers, and health care professionals can learn about empowered self-care for the body. Erica is a Forrest Yoga Guardian, hand-picked by Ana Forrest to become one of a handful of senior teacher in the Forrest Yoga tribe. She teaches at PURE Yoga in New York City, and maintains a full schedule of Yoga Clinic clients, and private Adore Your Body coaching.

Courses by Erica

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Erica Mather
Help For What's Ailing You

Join Erica Mather for a course that’s all about healing. Using techniques from Forest Yoga, this course will help you work to heal the pain that’s ailing you. Tune in ...