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Erin Roush

To put it quite simply, Erin enjoys moving…and motivating others to do the same! She has been personal training since 2006, in which time she has helped numerous clients and athletes achieve their personal fitness goals. After Erin began to incorporate yoga into her personal life—about 5 years ago—she attended teacher training, and yoga has become the perfect compliment to personal training. She believes that your time is valuable, and keeps her classes and clients moving, challenged, and focused with strong breath and innovative flows. Erin holds her BS in Athletic Training from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. She is also a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a TRX Suspension Qualified Trainer. She previously opened, owned, and operated a specialty running store until selling the business in 2012. In addition to yoga, she has taught boot camps, indoor cycle, and TRX classes. She pulls much of this background and experience into her yoga classes. Erin also enjoys running, lifting—mainly her own body, Pilates, hiking, whitewater rafting, playing—moving!


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Erin Roush
Strong and Supple Yogi

Join Erin for her new course, Strong & Supple Yogi. This course blends Erin's skills as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, incorperating strong movements with fluid ...