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Gaby Quintana

Gaby has been teaching and sharing her passion for the last 11 years. She has built a strong, dedicated and inclusive community that expects her to be real, hard, a mentor, a teacher, and even to be a friend. She created and leads #thegabyarmy. Gaby is passionate, raw, unfiltered, and unique. Her connection to her students and their practice is deep and she won’t let you waver. With Gaby, you will reach the next level of your practice, every time. Gaby understands the yogi feeling, and uses that to be an impactful teacher. Everyday she comes to the mat with a new vision, a new flow, a new perspective to the same poses that make up the beautiful practice of yoga. As an experienced yogi, she appreciates the variety of movement as no two classes are ever the same. She keeps you on your toes which keeps your mind and body sharp.

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Gaby Quintana
Power Vinyasa Yoga

Join Gaby for the perfect blend of yummy vinyasa flow and ashtanga power. This is a vigorous flow where we connect breath with body to guide you into a moving meditati...